Wikipedians Unite!

I’m not addicted to Wikipedia. Not a bit.

Well, maybe a little.

I made an SL group for Wikipedians

After my recent bout of Wiki edits, I noticed there wasn’t any Wikipedia group in Second Life. It be called Wikipedians.

Choice of Names

I thought about naming the group along the same lines as the name for , although since the the SL group search tools are that sucky that it doesn’t show my Relax, we understand j00 group when you search for MegaTokyo, but does show the MegaTokyo group- obviously created because the founder couldn’t find mine. You can find places by their description, so why not groups by their charter ? Anywoo, I digress.

Since Second Life won’t pick up keywords from the group charter, it made sense to create the group name so it’d come up if you . Hence the name “Wikipedians” (at the time of posting, the group hadn’t showed up in the search results).

<cheezy marketing cruft>A must have for your group list if you’re an SL Wikipedian ^_^ </cheezy marketing cruft>

btw, my group was the first ever fan-group for MegaTokyo founded in Second Life, check the dates if you want.