How big is your ego ? (part 2)

Following on from part one, here are some more ego searches, including finishing off searches:

Hamlet (continued)

Anshe Chung

Ailin Graef

Tateru Nino

And now, on Tateru’s suggestion:

Mera Pixel

Lethe Naumova

How big is your ego ? (part 1)

Running around the internet via the extension for , I came across this service called ““.

Looks to be one of those where it does some script-fu to see how big your ego is. I of course ran some searches (not bothering with stuffages) on some Second Life related peoples:




  • , total of 26473 points, highest of 10464 points on
  • , total of 25188 points, highest of 10103 points on
  • , total of 8083 points, highest of 3067 points on
  • , total of 8238 points, highest of 3035 points on
  • , total of 14604 points, highest of 7043 points on
  • , total of 11385 points, highest of 4065 points on
  • , total of 11813 points, highest of 5307 points on
  • , total of 6692 points, highest of 3477 points on
  • And to cap off part one, Me

    Note to Hamlet: Multi-tasking NwN, SL, Yahoo, egoSurf and a bunch of other things in Firefox is taking quite a while, so if you pick this up on NWN before I finish the tests, I apologise for not getting the Wagner James Au results done. Also, do note that according to the egoSurf algorithm, Google associates Tateru Nino more with than Philip Linden OR Philip Rosedale.