SL Metaphors – Webcomics

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

Abducting the Aliens

Afternoon Lag. Because Lag is the cause of all problems.

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

Your World, Your Imagination

Break Point City, episode 103-b.

SL Metaphors – Stairs vs llSitTarget() teleporters

Overheard in the Office

Passenger #1: Don’t you wanna use the stairs for just one floor?

Passenger #2: Hmmm… I never know which one goes up and which one goes down.

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

The GridMonkey

Sanity Check – Techno Day by Brenda and Paul Caughell.

SL Metaphors – Orientation Island

Wagner James Au (aka Hamlet Au, pka Hamlet Linden)

And me describing the larger promise of Second Life is like telling someone from Eastern Europe about the United States, and the variety of opportunities awaiting them there—but when they finally arrive, they end up trapped in Las Vegas International where the TSA insists on giving them a four hour body cavity search before they’re let through.

Taken from Au’s

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

How to get off work for next year’s SLCC

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

SL Metaphors – Quotes: At least the CEO won’t have a problem with that cod-piece staring at you all the time

Staffer #1: Well, thanks, everyone, for not telling me my fly was open.
Staffer #2: Your fly was open?
Staff #1: Yes. I just now looked down, and there it was, wide open! You didn’t notice?
Staffer #2: Well, I don’t spend a large portion of the day staring at your crotch.
Staffer #3: Yeah, I only do it during our morning update meetings.

SL Metaphors – Webcomics

Transfering from the Teen Grid to the Main Grid

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