Chat log of discussion for “SL Chamber of Commerce Draft Proposal”

  1. Chili Carson

    [19:07] Well, first, thanks to everyone for coming tonight! This is very exciting.

    [19:07] By way of a quick intro, I’m the Chief Operating Officer for an accounting firm in RL

    [19:07] The name of the firm is KAWG&F and we have offices in Maryland and one in SL

    [19:08] This presentation is an initial vision for an organization to give some unity to the SL business community

    [19:08] needs a unifying network

    [19:08] Everything else here represents possibilities

    [19:09] Without a unified network, it will be impossible for the business community

    [19:09] to move forward in any meaninful way..

    [19:09] like the old cliche: "A house divided cannot stand"

    [19:09] I realize there is a history of false stars with similar endeavors

    [19:10] and hope we can incorporate what we can learn from those experiences

    [19:10] and find common ground despite some differences

    [19:10] With all that said, I am going to start rolling the slides

    [19:11] As we know, SL is in a frontier stage

    [19:11] But, even though things are just forming

    [19:11] there are already over 3000 businesses here

    [19:11] And, many millions of dollars change hands each month

    [19:12] I think in July it was approximately $6 million dollars in transactions between users/residents

    [19:12] I believe that the business community has an opportunity to be more successful as a whole if we can work towards some common goals

    [19:13] The current state of affairs is a bit chaotic, but out of chaos, comes order

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