Sitearm Madonna – USC Center on Public Diplomacy: Public Diplomacy and Virtual Worlds Project

NOTE: While every effort has been made to ensure that this transcript made it statefully out of Second Life, a bug in SL’s handling of UTF-8 characters required manual clean-up of the transcript so it didn’t have spatterings of weird characters in it. However, any difference between the original transcript and this one should be so minor you wouldn’t notice 😀

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [12:35] ok, let’s start

    [12:36] Welcome everyone

    [12:36] to another exciting presentation

  2. Sitearm Madonna

    [12:36] if you want to monitor the song names here is the browser link:

  3. Poinky Malaprop

    [12:36] By Sitearm Madonna of USC’s Annenberg Institute

  4. Sitearm Madonna

    [12:36] (look only at the bottom "current song:" title)

  5. Poinky Malaprop

    [12:36] I actually don’t know much about this project, depsite what Frank says 🙂

    [12:36] so I’m hoping to learn a lot

  6. Sitearm Madonna

    [12:36] Yay!

  7. Poinky Malaprop

    [12:36] As you may have noticed

    [12:36] I’m wearing a fancy hat

    [12:37] which is designed to get peoples permission to have their comments

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