Cosmos Glass : RC Cosmos Non-profit graphic design in Second Life

Note: This chatlog was edited slightly due to some character encoding problems pulling the chat log out of SL.

It’s not a problem with the converter, there’s just some characters that got mangled on the way in and out of SL.

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:03] ok, cosmos, go!

  2. Chili Carson

    [18:03] OK, with me Poinky

  3. Cosmos Glass

    [18:03] ok so ya, I am from R.C Cosmos


    [18:04] So first off "what the is R.C Cosmos"

    [18:04] It is a non-profit who provides free graphic design and other free multi-media content.

    [18:04] When I say that we provide free content this doesn’t mean that the we make no money or that we scam the hell out of people, to get a profit.

    [18:05] ok, What we do to make money or are developing right now is by donation areas, ads, sponsors, shawg, memberships, partnering with some other company that we give sales to, making a service to our products or a product to our services…

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