Meeting with Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist from

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Updated Thursday 14th September with comments from Baba Yamamoto.

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:00] ok, let’s get started

    [19:00] for those of you just visiting

    [19:00] this is a meeting of the kuurian expedition

    [19:00] if you’re interested in our group, IM me afterwards, and I can explain more

    [19:00] we have weekly meetings

    [19:01] next week we will have Intellagirl Tully talk about her work in SL

    [19:01] the week after that we’re planning an organzational meeting

    [19:01] to set up an alternate meeting time

    [19:01] that works better for european members

    [19:01] this group is mainly for *us* to share our ideas

    [19:02] so if you want to present, let me know and we’ll schedule you

    [19:02] the first 3 volunteer will get a brand new, first edition Toyota Scion!!

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