Oh Noes! Fizzlezorz :-(

My computer died last night- hopefully it was just the PSU (it had the smell of fizzlezorz afterwards, and I thought I could smell something burning just beforehand).

I’m heading out to Newcastle today to buy a new PSU, so hopefully everything should be fixzorz by tonight- if not, then i’ll be posting on here via my wii again.

Thanks go out to Kai for letting peeps know the reason behind my sudden disappearance last night 🙂

Is Marc Bragg the asshole pissing me off ?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Wikipedia account holder Msbjustice has been making a series of edits to that have been really frustrating me recently.

The evidence linking Msbjustice with Mark Bragg isn’t very much. Just linking to domains owned by a Mark Bragg and creating articles & edits that don’t do much else than promote Mark Bragg’s case against Linden Labs Linden Lab.

One of the things that really annoys me is the edits to a single article aren’t done in one go. Msbjustice doesn’t seem to know how to use the preview function.


Creating content that is biased and unsourced, reverting reverts to redisplay said content and creating articles about cases of unknown importance, removing the flag for proposed deletion on said article just smells of a big pile of bad crap.

Read the article, , then please take part in the discussion on the topic.

On one hand it might speed up the process for deletion of the article, on the other it might encourage the article to be edited to a point where it meets wikipedia’s requirements for an article and no longer meet the criteria for proposed deletion. Both are equally preferred outcomes compared to letting biased FUD roam free on the wikipedia.

Wikipedians Unite!

I’m not addicted to Wikipedia. Not a bit.

Well, maybe a little.

I made an SL group for Wikipedians

After my recent bout of Wiki edits, I noticed there wasn’t any Wikipedia group in Second Life. It be called Wikipedians.

Choice of Names

I thought about naming the group along the same lines as the name for , although since the the SL group search tools are that sucky that it doesn’t show my Relax, we understand j00 group when you search for MegaTokyo, but does show the MegaTokyo group- obviously created because the founder couldn’t find mine. You can find places by their description, so why not groups by their charter ? Anywoo, I digress.

Since Second Life won’t pick up keywords from the group charter, it made sense to create the group name so it’d come up if you . Hence the name “Wikipedians” (at the time of posting, the group hadn’t showed up in the search results).

<cheezy marketing cruft>A must have for your group list if you’re an SL Wikipedian ^_^ </cheezy marketing cruft>

btw, my group was the first ever fan-group for MegaTokyo founded in Second Life, check the dates if you want.

Town Hall Meeting, 2006-09-19

NOTE: this chat log was taken from the Linden Town Hall Closed Captioning Group IM. It is produced by Robin, Claudia, Don, Jean, Pathfinder and Sally Linden, therefore the citations are not accurate.

  1. Robin Linden

    [15:33] Welcome to the Linden Town Hall. I’m your moderator Johnny Ming

    [15:33] Joining me is Philip Linden who will start in a moment.

    [15:34] Please send your questions to the Town Hall group, or to use voice use skype

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A Call To Arms…ermm…. Wings… I think…

Thunderbird extensiony goodness

After re-tracking down after I decided to replicate the pleasant experience in Thunderbird that I’ve had in Firefox (thanks to btw), I started looking for some cool new Thunderbird extensions.

I came across . Now I put two and two and two together:

The equation:
  1. Thunderbird extensions must have the ability to read the sender email of the currently displayed message.
  2. SL profiles photos are made available to the web
  3. Both the offline IM email address and the SL profile photo URLs include the Resident’s
The result
With a slight tweak in just the right place, this extension could be modified to display the profile photo of the Resident who sent the IM. Hopefully eventually this would be extended to group insignias as well…..

I don’t think I can do this tweak right now since I have a lot of side projects tacked onto my RL and SL, but I’m quite confident that some Resident out there knows how to edit Thunderbird extensions.

Official Linden Blog listed on Blogshares

Get them while they’re cheap!

I took the liberty of the to . If you play Blog Shares, you’d better hurry up and get them while they’re cheap 😛

I also added , but at the time of posting, it’s not in the system yet.

just to set a few things straight with CBS

There are a few things wrong with this story that CBS News ran about Second Life:

Smith can’t afford a beach house in real life. But in Second Life, the online game created by her employer, Linden Lab, she — and nearly 100,000 other subscribers who pay $10 a month — can have that and more.

  1. At the time of writing (this post, not theirs), the population of SL is 300k+. The population has been above 1/4 million for .
  2. You don’t have to have a premium account to “live” somewhere, you can rent land with a Basic account.
  3. All you get for having a premium account is the ability to own land and L$400/week.
  4. A premium account is US$9.95/month on the monthly billing, US$7.50/month on the quarterly billing, and US$6.00/month on the annual billing. Not US$10

But it doesn’t stop there. Second Life itself is being sued in the real world over virtual land deals that went bad. And in China, a man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a friend who sold the prized sword he’d loaned him — a virtual weapon that existed only in cyberspace.

  1. It’s being sued by someone who effectively hacked the land system.
  2. The murder has nothing to do with Second Life. Everquest. Not Second Life. Yeah, way to be sensationalist. Or n00bish for implying that the murder was related to SL.

In fact, Bowen says he can’t resist.

There’s one job he’s always wanted — and before Katie Couric gets on board, he went for it. The beauty is, Bob Schieffer will never know.

“This is the CBS Evening News with Jerry Bowen,” a virtual Bowen said from a virtual anchor desk.

  1. The BBC’s Jerr(em)y Paxman already beat you to it.

How big is your ego ? (part 2)

Following on from part one, here are some more ego searches, including finishing off searches:

Hamlet (continued)

Anshe Chung

Ailin Graef

Tateru Nino

And now, on Tateru’s suggestion:

Mera Pixel

Lethe Naumova

Second Life and Google’s new Accessible search

I have a tendancy to ramble on endlessly about topics nobody cares about, so I thought it’d be a good idea to check with someone first.

My Observations

Compare the position of SecondLife.com in the “normal” search results
and the accesible search results when searching for “second life” on Google:

“Normal” Search
Accessible Search

Also note the different ordering between the site specific searches on
the accessible searches and the “normal” searches

End of email transposition (do take into account my observations were made during the writing of the email and the results may have changed by the time this post is read)

So what does this mean ?

Using Firefox ?

To use the accessible search for Address Bar searches, load up , search for keyword.URL, and change the value to http://www.google.com/u/accessible?cx=accessible%21&btnG=Search&q= (thanks to for )

How big is your ego ? (part 1)

Running around the internet via the extension for , I came across this service called ““.

Looks to be one of those where it does some script-fu to see how big your ego is. I of course ran some searches (not bothering with .co.uk stuffages) on some Second Life related peoples:




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