A Call To Arms…ermm…. Wings… I think…

Thunderbird extensiony goodness

After re-tracking down after I decided to replicate the pleasant experience in Thunderbird that I’ve had in Firefox (thanks to btw), I started looking for some cool new Thunderbird extensions.

I came across . Now I put two and two and two together:

The equation:
  1. Thunderbird extensions must have the ability to read the sender email of the currently displayed message.
  2. SL profiles photos are made available to the web
  3. Both the offline IM email address and the SL profile photo URLs include the Resident’s
The result
With a slight tweak in just the right place, this extension could be modified to display the profile photo of the Resident who sent the IM. Hopefully eventually this would be extended to group insignias as well…..

I don’t think I can do this tweak right now since I have a lot of side projects tacked onto my RL and SL, but I’m quite confident that some Resident out there knows how to edit Thunderbird extensions.