3PointD Metaverse Sustainability

NOTE: This chat log is technically incomplete, as it misses out the group discussions held during the break.

  1. Walker Spaight

    [17:05] welcome to the 3pointD Think Tank, first ever

  2. Cheri Horton

    [17:05] Very cool.

  3. Walker Spaight

    [17:05] as most of you know, we’re here to talk about "metaverse sustainabillity"

    [17:06] although there’s some question as to just what that means

    [17:06] so I’ve borrowed some futurist judo from SnoopyBrown Zamboni

    [17:06] that will let us gather some answers to that question, but also

    [17:06] to find some things we can actually do to promote the ideas we come up with.

    [17:06] If you read the OP about this, you know there’s a format to the evening.

    [17:06] It’s like this:

    [17:07] #1: We’ll just go around the circle, and everyone will give one or two ideas about metaverse sustainability

    [17:07] areas in which we might be able to find projects to work toward, or just ideas to develop

    [17:07] after that, everyone can vote on the three favorite topics they heard, I’ll keep track of the votes

    [17:08] then we’ll take the top several (5 or 6?) off that list, break up into gruops, and discuss them more indepth and try to come up with some projects we might

    [17:08] tak eon to promote those ideas.

    [17:08] that but should take 30 minutes, at the end of which ,each group will nominate one person to present the ideas they came up with.

    [17:08] We gather, hear the presentations, then …

    [17:08] party?

    [17:08] How does that sound to you guys, any questions?

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