SL Metaphors – Images

One reason to run the Linux SL client

Also, try checking out the – found via via . Unfortunately I can’t try it out, since this is an ATI house (Gamecube + 2 Windows boxes)

Second Life and Google’s new Accessible search

I have a tendancy to ramble on endlessly about topics nobody cares about, so I thought it’d be a good idea to check with someone first.

My Observations

Compare the position of in the “normal” search results
and the accesible search results when searching for “second life” on Google:

“Normal” Search
Accessible Search

Also note the different ordering between the site specific searches on
the accessible searches and the “normal” searches

End of email transposition (do take into account my observations were made during the writing of the email and the results may have changed by the time this post is read)

So what does this mean ?

Using Firefox ?

To use the accessible search for Address Bar searches, load up , search for keyword.URL, and change the value to (thanks to for )

How big is your ego ? (part 1)

Running around the internet via the extension for , I came across this service called ““.

Looks to be one of those where it does some script-fu to see how big your ego is. I of course ran some searches (not bothering with stuffages) on some Second Life related peoples:




Rag Doll Physics in SL ?

Found via Torley Linden.

Robin Linden

Physical Avatar

what is it?
– in world poser
– expressive puppeteering
– explicit world coordinate system representation
– allows for physics/rag doll physics; uses spring physics. compensate for too much springiness with added constraints to create a pseudo-rigid body
– largely viewer side with packet system allowing for server to control ordering

Does this mean that Hit and Run will no longer mean “hitting someone with your car to make them run” ?