summary of Town Hall with Cory Linden

Database Scalability

Linden Lab hadn’t upgraded to since it’s release as it wasn’t until recently that the performance and stability of MySQL 4 compared to version 5 satisfied Linden Lab’s requirements.

Linden Lab are currently upgrading to MySQL 5.

Linden Lab are putting more effort into more scalable architecture rather than using a centralised database source. Once bugs related to database communication are fixed, servers will be deployed overseas (over 65% of Second Lifers are from outside the US).

Login Throttling

Linden Lab are being careful about using the login throttling features until they’re more sure of when it’s appropriate to use it.

It would be bad for the community as a whole if the length of time free accounts could spend in-world was limited.

Free accounts aren’t as high a load issue as people seem to think.


Internally, development of integration of the Gecko rendering engine into the Second Life Viewer is a little starved for developer time. There is however an external development team working on it.

SL Vox

Voice chat is handled seperately to other grid processes, so there will be minimal impact on the load (e.g. little or no lag).

Note from Marv: Download the Voice-enabled Viewer for the Beta Grid and test it out! the latest preview features voice chat.


Backing up content away from the grid.

Work should start on the ability to back up your full-perms content in Q3 2007.

Inventory Loss

69% of are working on improving the scaling and stability of the grid- this includes the processes involved in inventory transfers.

Linden Lab are also working on the next-gen architecture that will dramatically improve the scalability compared to the current grid.

The suggestion for adding the ability to verify inventory loss has been taken on board.


abuse of the system

Linden Lab are working on a new design that is more resilient to spam-based attacks. More details will be released as work progresses.


The current traffic metric is being removed as part of the new search project, and it’ll be removed ASAP.


Many problems only appear when the grid is under high load- the is there for everyone to stress test and expose problems. The should be used to post new bugs, as well as reproductions/workarounds/fixes for existing ones.

The recent grid expansions haven’t affect grid stability- there were a couple of problems, one of which was removed last week, and another is being removed completely.

World Map

Linden Lab are aware of the bugs surrounding map images not being updated, and it’s being actively worked on.

Note from Marv: I know a bit about this :-D. The process of generating the map images is being upgraded from a two-step process to a one-step process. Bugs in map generation will be ironed out as part of this improvement, as well as part of Linden Lab’s internal bug fixing processes.

Sculpted Prims

Exporters for 3D Modellers other than Maya are expected to be written, and the open source Viewer is also available as a means for the open source community to provide an integrated editor.


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    “We actually had time limits long, long, long, LONG ago. The problem is that people take a while to learn to use SL, plus great events or builds often bring folks back in weeks/months/years down the road. It would be bad for all of our businesses to lose that ability for casual users to come back in. Plus, as we have discussed, free accounts are less of the load than you might expect.”

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