Is Marc Bragg the asshole pissing me off ?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Wikipedia account holder Msbjustice has been making a series of edits to that have been really frustrating me recently.

The evidence linking Msbjustice with Mark Bragg isn’t very much. Just linking to domains owned by a Mark Bragg and creating articles & edits that don’t do much else than promote Mark Bragg’s case against Linden Labs Linden Lab.

One of the things that really annoys me is the edits to a single article aren’t done in one go. Msbjustice doesn’t seem to know how to use the preview function.


Creating content that is biased and unsourced, reverting reverts to redisplay said content and creating articles about cases of unknown importance, removing the flag for proposed deletion on said article just smells of a big pile of bad crap.

Read the article, , then please take part in the discussion on the topic.

On one hand it might speed up the process for deletion of the article, on the other it might encourage the article to be edited to a point where it meets wikipedia’s requirements for an article and no longer meet the criteria for proposed deletion. Both are equally preferred outcomes compared to letting biased FUD roam free on the wikipedia.

SL Metaphors – Quotes: At least the CEO won’t have a problem with that cod-piece staring at you all the time

Staffer #1: Well, thanks, everyone, for not telling me my fly was open.
Staffer #2: Your fly was open?
Staff #1: Yes. I just now looked down, and there it was, wide open! You didn’t notice?
Staffer #2: Well, I don’t spend a large portion of the day staring at your crotch.
Staffer #3: Yeah, I only do it during our morning update meetings.

How big is your ego ? (part 1)

Running around the internet via the extension for , I came across this service called ““.

Looks to be one of those where it does some script-fu to see how big your ego is. I of course ran some searches (not bothering with stuffages) on some Second Life related peoples: