Ollie Kubrick, Automotive Research Center

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:03] so, with that let’s get started

  2. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:03] Hello Znet

  3. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:03] Hi Ollie

  4. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:03] just as a brief intro

    [10:04] Welcome to this Kuurian Expedition meeting, and thanks all for coming

    [10:04] sorry we havent been having these as frequently as before, hopefully that will improve 🙂

    [10:04] but for today we have Ollie Kubrick

  5. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:04] Hi

  6. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:04] talking about his ideas and projects

    [10:05] and maybe leading us in a Ollieball Deathmatch

  7. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:05] hehe

  8. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:05] so.. take it away Ollie!

  9. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:05] Hi people and welcome to the ARC

    [10:05] I’m Ollie

    [10:05] I have only been in SL a very short time

    [10:06] but I quickly understood what I wanted to do here

    [10:06] basically my background is in media and I have always had a connection to 3D

    [10:07] I have always sculpted and designed as well and when I arrived in SL and started making things, well I just couldnt stop

    [10:07] I wanted a way to get around w more fluidity and I made a car

    [10:07] that was fatefl bcuz as soon as I made it someone wanted to buy it

    [10:07] that was about 3 or 4 days into SL

    [10:08] after that I started to think seriously about what I could make and what was needed

    [10:08] I started making cars/vehicles and they got a lot of attention

    [10:08] hey Thai welcome

  10. Thai Dye

    [10:08] hello

  11. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:09] Poinkycan u tell Thai what the group is plz

    [10:09] Ill go on

  12. Jeremy Flagstaff

    [10:09] 🙂

  13. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:09] after about a week or more I met the owner of this sim

    [10:10] he saw what I had made ad didnt know what he wanted to do w it just that he wanted a presence in SL

    [10:10] We made a deal and I started working

    [10:10] that was about 2 months ago and the ARC is the result

  14. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:11] Living the Second Life dream…

  15. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:11] I have reconceived the idea of vehicles in SL and basically categorized them into 3 specific uses

    [10:11] Games, Tools and Design

    [10:11] I also decided to divide the ARC up into 3 parts to reflect that

    [10:12] the lower part being all about games

    [10:12] there is a 3D maze

    [10:12] The OllieBall/SLoccer field

    [10:12] or Ollisem as I call it

    [10:12] and a few other things that are in development

    [10:12] there is also a device to weigh ur avatar

    [10:13] the level we are now on is the RED level it is about tools and is the commercial branch of the ARC

    [10:13] if u folow the red path it leads to all the vhicles Ive made and is mostly about sales

  16. Resident A

    [10:13] Publication permission denied.

  17. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:13] np be welcome

    [10:14] In my design commercial side I adapted a retro look bcuz I didnt see it in SL and I thought it particularly conducive to SL

    [10:15] the Blue pat is more about art and design and it stats here at this level and goes up

    [10:15] so there u have he basic structure

    [10:15] the GREEN Ollies were made so that people could get around and try things out

    [10:16] and play games with etc

    [10:16] they are autoreturn as are the rest of the vehicles that can be used

    [10:16] the game balls expire after nonuse so most things clean up after themselves

    [10:17] The last thing Id like to say conecrns where I want to go

    [10:17] Cars are literally my vehicle for going to another level and that is towards education

  18. Jeremy Flagstaff

    [10:18] sorry, gotta go, work emergency

  19. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:18] I see great potential for education in virt spaces so what I decided was to create an SL presence, get fnding and then use that to further my bigger goals

  20. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:18] see you jeremy

  21. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:18] Bye Jeremy!

  22. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:18] I have connections in the RW to many unis and other orgs

    [10:18] so I have great hopes that my dreams can be realized

    [10:18] Thank you for listenig

    [10:19] ay questions before we start the tour?

  23. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:19] your building design is pretty unique

    [10:19] with the color coding etc

    [10:19] how did you arrive at this?

  24. Resident A

    [10:19] Publication permission denied.

  25. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:20] yes wel I was very confused when I first came to SL, I found many places made boxes and I thought that that is exactly what shouldnt be done

  26. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:20] thats great Plointer

    [10:20] all are welcome 🙂

  27. Resident A

    [10:20] Publication permission denied.

  28. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:20] The beauty of SL is that u have a unique opportunity to do something different and I rebel against those that would want to make the same things as they see in RL

  29. Ivy Innis

    [10:20] i’m especially interested in educational uses…

  30. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:21] so i strive to find that which is solely unique to SL

    [10:21] I have examles of everything I have refferred to so far

    [10:22] I tend to take a very practical, how can I make interfaces unique and intuitive approach

    [10:22] I would be happy to go into more detail but I guess I should get a caddy and maybe we can al fit

    [10:22] or most and the rest will have to grab a green scooter ort car

    [10:23] if u wait here I will come back w one

  31. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:23] great

  32. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:23] are tere any other questions before I go get the car?

    [10:23] oh and if we crash then meet back here

    [10:23] SL is so unpredictable at times 🙂

    [10:24] sry i need some room ehe

  33. Decka Mah

    [10:25] Hi P

  34. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:25] I’ll go get another cat

  35. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:25] hop in those that want to rdie

  36. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:25] car even

    [10:26] START

    [10:27] need a ride?

  37. Decka Mah

    [10:27] thanks

  38. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:28] the hand also flies

  39. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:29] are you selling all these?

  40. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:29] one thing I have also tried to do is see SL in very poetic terms

    [10:29] so that flying in a hand creates very beautiful connotations

    [10:29] hmmm not all but most

    [10:30] my strategy is not to sell so much as it is to get sponsorship and give the cars away

    [10:30] more of a net type approach

  41. Thai Dye

    [10:30] rosie

  42. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:30] I started working on a theme of film characters and fave cartoon characters

    [10:31] lol

    [10:31] beep

  43. Resident A

    [10:31] Publication permission denied.

  44. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:31] any questions plz ask

    [10:31] YR3??

    [10:31] which one?

  45. Resident A

    [10:31] Publication permission denied.

  46. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:31] oh I only know him as LIS robot

    [10:31] lol

    [10:32] yes it is

  47. Resident A

    [10:32] Publication permission denied.

  48. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:32] warning Dr Smith

    [10:33] I want to use it for more purposes but it satisfies this one now

  49. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:33] nice cat

  50. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:33] I realy dont like the idea of copying RL so I basically only use photos as reference and try to make what I think looks right

  51. Resident A

    [10:34] Publication permission denied.

  52. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:34] regarding education

    [10:34] I wanted to make somethng that I thought might be useful

    [10:34] so I set myself the task of making an anatomically correct hand

    [10:35] w the eye to making a whole skeleton at some point

    [10:35] it took a while but I thoought that 3D models that were very accurate might be useful for med students

    [10:36] this is also education bsed

    [10:36] based\

    [10:36] I wanted to create a standard that would allow for both student and teacher to have a space that didnt interfere w each other

    [10:37] while allowing all perspective choices possibe

    [10:37] the left is teacher space the right student

    [10:37] both have access to 2D and text

    [10:37] and they share 3D in the middle

    [10:38] the bottom is a toolbar that would allow for a standard set of things that could be done

    [10:38] further I wanted it to fit into the screen realestate ad tis does

    [10:38] plus I made it so hat it is stackable and therefore acan also be used as storage

    [10:39] an Ollibrary

  53. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:39] What tools are the 2D and 3D – the SL client set?

  54. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:39] I envision great columns of 3D objects that are perusabe

  55. Thai Dye

    [10:39] sorry, i’ve got to run

    [10:39] bye bye

  56. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:39] cya TD

    [10:39] the tools have yet to be scripted.

    [10:40] I just wanted to create a model that would allow for interaction by design

    [10:40] ZI is that an answer?

  57. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:40] Yes – what types of tools are you envisioning?

  58. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:40] wel for instance

    [10:41] one thing that seems difficlt to d is to speak about a specific part of an object without creating software to do so

    [10:41] here lets say I want to talk about a specific point on this globe

  59. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:43] Hi Garret – there’s still room in my car

  60. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:43] I then have a tool set up that allows me to specifically show that point

  61. Garret Bakalava

    [10:44] ty

  62. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:44] so in theory any model can be put there and refferred to wo writing any specific software for it

  63. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:44] Nice…

  64. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:45] it is one simple example but it solves a problem that is hard to anticipate

    [10:45] the idea is that u want a tool set that works regardless of the model

  65. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:46] Seems simple, but pointing isn’t easy here. lol

    [10:46] Very cool.

  66. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:46] so teacher and student would both be looking at the space

  67. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:46] exactly

  68. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:46] but not seeing each other?

  69. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:46] yes seeing the teacher isnt necessary unless desired

    [10:46] u want to be able to focus all energy on what u are trying to learn

    [10:47] and lets say u have a question then u type it in and wait till the teacher addresses it

    [10:47] but that way u dont have to interuprt or forget

  70. Ivy Innis

    [10:47] and student student collaboration could occur also with this?

  71. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:47] and u stil will have the possibility to choose teacher perspective, student perspective or both

    [10:48] yes I built it to be maxmally flexible

    [10:48] that is the beauty of SL design

  72. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:48] interesting.. is this just a prototype, or is anybody using it?

  73. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:48] its a prototype

    [10:48] I would need it scripted to make it very useful

    [10:49] and the goals of education are more future goals for when I have built up some cas reserves

    [10:49] Ok ready to move on?

    [10:49] I will talk more about this to anyone who wants to later np

    [10:50] this i built for the sim owner

    [10:51] a stoe cloud w glass bottom pool

  74. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:51] lost them

  75. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:52] like the one Poinky is driving

    [10:52] free for anyone to use wirthin the sim

    [10:52] ok now we go below to the game area

  76. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:52] they seem to float upwards

  77. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:52] Ollie is the functionality tied to the sim?

  78. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:52] yes

  79. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:53] By design?

    [10:53] Or by necessity?

  80. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:53] meaning?

    [10:53] I dont want epople taking the green ollies away? no

    [10:53] hmm the car has stopped

    [10:53] weird now its back

    [10:53] Here is the 3D Glass Maze

    [10:54] I thought that this isnt possible in RL and I hadnt seen it elsewhere so I decided that it would be fun to make one here

  81. Rider Writer

    [10:54] I tried the maze last night…using mouselook nearly made me carsick…lol

  82. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:55] I made a BORG cube first but it was too dark and I liked the idea that u can watch someone else get lost in this one

    [10:55] ya I have many issues w Lindens decision of movement but thats another story

  83. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:55] you should set your incoming TP point to be the middle of the maze 🙂

  84. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:55] no one else has ever solved it btw

    [10:55] ya right

    [10:55] thatll bring he crowds in

  85. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:56] it will keep them here

  86. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:56] yhis is my dev space

    [10:56] I wanted to knwo what an avatar weighed so I built this device

    [10:57] when the green line levels out u read ur weight along the side

    [10:57] I weigh about 5 and a half

  87. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:57] ooh someone volunteer and try it

  88. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:57] the very strange thing about SL is that there is a physics here but it isnt really the same as in RL

    [10:57] so I haqve set about trying to discover what the rules are

    [10:58] Ill do it in a sec

    [10:58] I have broken many physics rules and that has lead to some interetsting and impossible discoveries

    [10:59] I havent put those on show but I will bring themout when the time is rright and I want to show what is impossible and yet possible

    [10:59] ok plz stay here

    [10:59] I will show u how the weighdevice works

  89. You shout

    [11:00] you’re out of chat range ollie

  90. Decka Mah

    [11:01] that’s clever

  91. Znetlady Isbell

    [11:01] Very clever!

  92. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:01] start

    [11:01] so u see u need some patience

    [11:02] but hat is bcuz it takes some time for the phyics engine to warm up hehe

    [11:02] the text things u see above are also one of my pe projects

    [11:02] pet

    [11:03] I want more and better text so I envisioned a sort of blinking light car

    [11:03] that could be programmed to cycle text in the way u see it everywhere else in RL

    [11:03] and the point of it being a car is the its portable in the space

    [11:04] I have mnmore ideas about this too but lets save that till later

    [11:04] On to the Olliseum

    [11:05] Here are the cars I designed to play OllieBall

    [11:05] they are also able to be used by anyone and we have had matches of up to 5 people so far

    [11:06] the idea is that it is basically Soccer/football w specially designed cars and in a specially designed stadium I term an Olliseum

    [11:06] this actually took the most time to figure out bt it is now working

    [11:06] I have tried to make most things self explanatory

    [11:07] so here u get a game ball

    [11:07] which disintegrates if not used

    [11:07] so the ARc doesnt fill up w balls

    [11:07] I made a version called SLoccer too

    [11:07] it requires smaller balls

    [11:08] and a different skill set

    [11:08] I had some connection to Adidas and ergo the stripes

    [11:08] I have plans to franchise this game and make it the first pansim game in SL

    [11:08] ok lets go to the standes where we can get out

    [11:10] So one more thing

  93. Decka Mah

    [11:10] great flying Poinky

  94. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:11] I get easly confused about the space in SL and I have tried to think of ways of reducing this

  95. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:11] sorry for crashing into everybody’s heads

  96. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:11] te teleporter is not only for teleporting around the sim but is also meant to give some kind of subway map like representation

    [11:11] OK thats it more or less any questions?

  97. Decka Mah

    [11:12] *faints*

  98. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:12] lol

    [11:12] sry DM lots to get thru in a short time hehe

  99. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:12] I like the teleporter alot – the comparison to subway maps is nice – abstract yet working mental model

  100. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:12] and remember taht this is all within the last 2 months

  101. Decka Mah

    [11:12] its just that it is 4 in the morning

    [11:12] my brain hurts

    [11:12] you are too clever fo this time of day

  102. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:13] plz coma back any time a when brain is not hurting

  103. Decka Mah

    [11:13] thisis a wonderful place

  104. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:13] lol 7 pm for me

    [11:13] I work best at night

    [11:13] thanx DM

    [11:13] I have managed to get a lot of traffic too

    [11:13] more than Sony and BMW who spent thousands

  105. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:14] you shoud ask Tateru Nino to include you in her traffic index

  106. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:14] sure plz anyone who wants to help the ARC is welcome

  107. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:15] so what’s your plan – what have you lined up for next steps?

  108. Ivy Innis

    [11:15] do you see the ed uses here as for everyone? specifically?

  109. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:15] well I have two offers on the table to build other sims

    [11:15] and I will try to do both and keep the ARC running

    [11:16] basically I need to make some RW money to get my other ideas off the ground but it sort of looks like that is going to happen

    [11:16] so Im prety happy but everythig takes much too long for my taste, I was ready a month ago hehe

  110. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:17] have you seen the Toyota, Audi, Mercedes etc. builds?

  111. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:17] OH yes I have been to all my competitors

    [11:17] but they seem to have missed the point

    [11:18] they are all trying to ape reality ad then I ask why not just use reality?

    [11:18] SL is mbest used when u do things u cant do elsewhere

  112. Tip Tone

    [11:18] stop

  113. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:18] ah TT arrives on a slider

    [11:19] welcome TT

  114. Tip Tone

    [11:19] yes. my sl client crashed… had to find you on the ollie.

  115. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:19] so if no more questions then I suggest those who want lets play Ollie Bal

  116. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:19] cool – thanks Ollie – this was a great tour!

  117. Rider Writer

    [11:19] cool

  118. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:19] ur welcome

  119. Ivy Innis

    [11:20] ollie – very excellent

  120. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:20] so what u do is look across to the cars and R click

  121. Ivy Innis

    [11:20] can we contact you with questions?

  122. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:20] the instructions to fly them are there

  123. Rider Writer

    [11:20] IS this our final stop then? I may have to bail soon.

  124. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:20] in floating text

    [11:20] yep last stop is the game

  125. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:20] If you can’t stay – thanks for coming

  126. Resident A

    [11:20] Publication permission denied.

  127. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:20] but u should try it out its my crowning achievement

  128. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:21] and if you’re not in the Kuurian Expediton group and want to get announcements about future meetings, let me know, and I can add you

  129. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:21] select and copy to watever u want

    [11:21] ctrl c copies

  130. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:21] I will post the transcript too

    [11:21] chat history window

  131. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:21] or poinky if u want

  132. Rider Writer

    [11:21] great , Poinky

  133. Resident A

    [11:21] Publication permission denied.

  134. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:21] ctrl a to select all, then ctrl-c to copy

  135. Resident A

    [11:21] Publication permission denied.

  136. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:21] though I may have missed some of the talk while trying to navigate into chat range

  137. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:21] so Ollie Ball?

  138. Rider Writer

    [11:21] lets PLAY

  139. Ollie Kubrick

    [11:21] k

  140. Poinky Malaprop

    [11:22] I’ll turn off transcript recording now

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