3PointD Metaverse Sustainability

NOTE: This chat log is technically incomplete, as it misses out the group discussions held during the break.

  1. Walker Spaight

    [17:05] welcome to the 3pointD Think Tank, first ever

  2. Cheri Horton

    [17:05] Very cool.

  3. Walker Spaight

    [17:05] as most of you know, we’re here to talk about "metaverse sustainabillity"

    [17:06] although there’s some question as to just what that means

    [17:06] so I’ve borrowed some futurist judo from SnoopyBrown Zamboni

    [17:06] that will let us gather some answers to that question, but also

    [17:06] to find some things we can actually do to promote the ideas we come up with.

    [17:06] If you read the OP about this, you know there’s a format to the evening.

    [17:06] It’s like this:

    [17:07] #1: We’ll just go around the circle, and everyone will give one or two ideas about metaverse sustainability

    [17:07] areas in which we might be able to find projects to work toward, or just ideas to develop

    [17:07] after that, everyone can vote on the three favorite topics they heard, I’ll keep track of the votes

    [17:08] then we’ll take the top several (5 or 6?) off that list, break up into gruops, and discuss them more indepth and try to come up with some projects we might

    [17:08] tak eon to promote those ideas.

    [17:08] that but should take 30 minutes, at the end of which ,each group will nominate one person to present the ideas they came up with.

    [17:08] We gather, hear the presentations, then …

    [17:08] party?

    [17:08] How does that sound to you guys, any questions?

  4. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:09] what’s your motivation?

  5. Cheri Horton

    [17:09] Sounds fair.

  6. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:09] aren;t you a journalist – observer only?

  7. Aki Shichiroji

    [17:09] sounds good. will try to stay for as much as i can

  8. Walker Spaight

    [17:09] Poinky, I’m jsut fascinated, that’s all. I’mnot getting paid or anything.

    [17:09] altho

  9. Trevor Steptoe

    [17:09] Sounds like a plan.

  10. Walker Spaight

    [17:09] as the OP says, I’ll regurgitate some of our discussions on the 3pointD blog.

  11. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:09] crowd-sourcing *cough cough*

    [17:10] ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Jesse Malthus

    [17:10] XD

  13. Walker Spaight

    [17:10] and ofc, feel free to opt out of any portion, or just break off on yor own and disucss whatever you feel is fascinating.

  14. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:10] sounds good – tnx

  15. Walker Spaight

    [17:10] okay, so let’s just go around clockqise and everyone give a few thoughts as to metaversal sustainability. Let’s start with mr crowdsourcing over here.

    [17:10] Satchmo?

  16. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:10] yikes, on the spot

  17. Walker Spaight

    [17:10] you can yield if you like

  18. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:11] I’m interested to see how the conversation

    [17:11] about sustainable turns

    [17:11] off the top of my head

    [17:11] I’ve been meeting a lot of new users lately

    [17:11] and the hardest thing is always user retention

    [17:11] so I think we need ot make it easy for those new users to find cool things and good experience within there first 2 hours

    [17:11] because without the users….

    [17:11] we have no metaverse

  19. Walker Spaight

    [17:11] indeed

  20. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:11] so a lot of my interest in sustainability is new user retention

  21. Walker Spaight

    [17:12] nice. i like that.

  22. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:12] only the dedicated ones stay 2 hours

  23. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:12] residents you mean.

  24. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:12] right legitimately they need to have good experience in the first 5, 10 and 15 minutes

    [17:12] let alone 2 hours

    [17:12] and yea user = resident.. although the metaverse is bigger than SL

    [17:13] and SL is the only one that uses the resident thing

    [17:13] ok I’ll pass the conch

  25. Walker Spaight

    [17:13] hehe ok

    [17:13] we can move quickly through this since it’s onyl collecting iudeas

    [17:13] Floyd, do you want to put up some ideas about sustainabilityi in the metaverse for discussions?

    [17:13] it’s optional

  26. Floyd Field

    [17:13] oh sure

  27. Walker Spaight

    [17:13] cool

  28. Floyd Field

    [17:13] pick on the dark side

    [17:13] =)

    [17:14] I think the main thing for me right now are the barriers to entry. When you look at things like the croquet project, SL, etc… it’s not a simple process for people to find it, and get hooked up and in world

    [17:15] the surrounding framework and taxonomy are really our own and don’t related to much outside the pioneer group

    [17:15] so I’d like to see work in that area

  29. Walker Spaight

    [17:15] yes that’s true, good one

    [17:15] ok cool.

    [17:15] Willem, let’s get back to you in a sec, w’er just going around contributing ideas for further dicsussion

    [17:15] who’s next, p0pe?

    [17:16] p0pe is too busy learning maybe

    [17:16] ok, the dark side itself. Baba?

  30. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:16] Muahahaha

    [17:16] Two short points

    [17:16] Standards is my big thing .. we have to have them for this 3d thing because a lot of it is new

  31. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:17] Eep.

  32. Walker Spaight

    [17:17] (we’ll ge tback to you p0pe)

  33. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:17] I dont think users are something the metaverse haste to retain.. companies worry about that the metaverse has to be an addition to th web

    [17:18] it’s mor ethan 3d ๐Ÿ˜‰

    [17:18] it’s people who commuinicates real time

    [17:18] that’s it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:18] Collaborate, even.

  35. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:18] yea

  36. Walker Spaight

    [17:18] yep

  37. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:18] p0pe? Muahahaha

  38. Walker Spaight

    [17:18] p0pe, you wanna toss in a couple of ideas?

  39. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:19] Heh. Well, I am coming to the metaverse from the point of delivering education to people throught their lives.

    [17:19] Big on open standards, regardless of the client, and collaboration across technologies.

    [17:19] "content" wise, the metaverse is (literally) what you make of it.

    [17:19] And that’s really where it has to start in my opinion.

  40. Walker Spaight

    [17:19] ok

    [17:19] for the newcomers

  41. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:19] my typing seem so drunk.. I hate to be on the spot ;0 I do better heckling the speaker

  42. Walker Spaight

    [17:20] we’re just going around contributing ideas on metaversal sustainability for further discussion

    [17:20] Willem, did you want to pitch in one or two? It’s optional

  43. Williem Leandros

    [17:20] Sure. Stop me if you’ve heard this before tonight.

  44. Walker Spaight

    [17:20] lol Baba

  45. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:20] I just thought you were drunk all the time baba

  46. Boliver Oddfellow

    [17:20] dont let him fool ya satch…he is

  47. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:20] A sober robot can’t do it’s job…

  48. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:21] funny satch.. i dont even drink

  49. Williem Leandros

    [17:21] I agree with Baba and folks on the open standards. Clearly we need to be able to reuse much of the work going on in this space (and similar spaces,) because we’re investing mega-man hours to build it.

  50. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:21] we cannot split the metaverse across all these technolgies

  51. Williem Leandros

    [17:21] However, one of my concerns is the computing power required to provide the simulation. In the future, I think we’d all be running this sort of thing on our own gear. Setting a framework for guaranteeing the experience across a myriad of independent…

  52. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:21] <blink> anyone?

  53. Rodica Millionsofus

    [17:21] sorry everyone, i have to dash out. great conversation here tho…looking forward to seeing the transcript ๐Ÿ™‚

    [17:21] gnite

  54. Williem Leandros

    [17:22] sims is something I’m interested in – in short, federation. That’s my 2 cents.

  55. Walker Spaight

    [17:22] cya Rodica

    [17:22] great, thanks Willem

    [17:22] Poinky?

  56. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:22] One of my interests is better communication/collaboration tools. Both tools like whiteboards etc. but also better use of emotes/expressions to communicate. automation of these things. otherwise the metaverse is just watching ppl type.

    [17:22] and getting to the point where you can have large meetings without crashing the sim

  57. Floyd Field

    [17:22] hear hear

  58. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:22] meh.. sims? servers

  59. Walker Spaight

    [17:22] cool

  60. Scope Cleaver

    [17:22] Emotional bandwith somebody said once

  61. Walker Spaight

    [17:22] nice phrase

    [17:23] on to Lou

  62. Lou Tones

    [17:23] I too am interested in the Metaverse as ab accelerated learning and immersive entertainment environment

  63. Walker Spaight

    [17:24] cool again

  64. Lou Tones

    [17:25] In the short term at least AVs and IDs have tobecome portable for there to be anything that could be remotely called a Metaverse

  65. Walker Spaight

    [17:25] ah yes one of my favorite subjects actually

    [17:25] ok, Dedric, any thoughts?

    [17:25] not at the moment i guess

  66. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:25] Muahahaha poinky wants to go again

  67. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:26] sorry

  68. Walker Spaight

    [17:26] barrelling around the circle — oh Poinky you got another?

    [17:26] o hhere’s Dedric

  69. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:26] just better tools

    [17:26] to communicate with the outside

  70. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:26] I’m just listening in. I agree that I’d like to have more control over my content

  71. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:26] standards ;0

  72. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:26] export/importing

  73. Walker Spaight

    [17:26] yep

  74. Scope Cleaver

    [17:26] Sup Chip

  75. Walker Spaight

    [17:26] hey Chip!

  76. Chip Poutine

    [17:27] Hi everyone!

  77. Boliver Oddfellow

    [17:27] hey chip

  78. Walker Spaight

    [17:27] ok let’s hit Orion

  79. Orion Keynes

    [17:27] hey

    [17:27] yea, I see a lot of benefit in the new technologies both in world and reacing oout to the web etc

    [17:27] collaboration, open standard and Id portability

    [17:28] things like translators and news feeds we have sen recently enhance the use of virtual spaces to enhance what we do in RL

  80. Walker Spaight

    [17:28] yep SL -> Web stuff, which i love, excellent

  81. Orion Keynes

    [17:28] I’m starting to see it all tie together and be an important tool for me

  82. Walker Spaight

    [17:29] good good

    [17:29] on to Eric

  83. Eric Mosienko

    [17:29] heya

    [17:29] i’m interested in tying the growth of the SL platform to dirtworld environmental sustainability

    [17:29] a few quick thoughts…

  84. Keystone Bouchard

    [17:29] here here!

  85. Eric Mosienko

    [17:29] I imagine that the envro/carbon footprint of SL will get to be quite huge as it scales

    [17:30] so keeeping that in check is a good thing to do

  86. Walker Spaight

    [17:30] hang on Eric lemme interript

    [17:30] *interrupt even

  87. Eric Mosienko

    [17:30] ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Walker Spaight

    [17:30] maybe save deeper thoughts for the breakouts, just float the topic for the moment so we can get around the circle

    [17:30] if that’s cool

  89. Eric Mosienko

    [17:30] nope, s’cool — that was the short version

  90. Walker Spaight

    [17:30] cool, i love that one

    [17:31] also love "dirtworld" hehe

    [17:31] who’s up next, subghoul?

  91. Mark Barrett

    [17:31] haha, yep

  92. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:31] just like the web wasn’t the new usenet, or the new email, or the new gopher, I don’t think SL (or ‘the metaverse’) is the new "3d web". Interaction with those things is great…

  93. otakup0pe Neumann

    [17:31] Yeah I was thinking the same.

  94. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:31] however, we really don’t know what the new applications will be. I hope that it is more than 3d chat, myspace or ads for shoes.

    [17:31] Somebody needs to build the foundation layer (open standards) for everyone else to work and play in. To be sustainable, we need more than one company involved, building upon common standards, in competition for the platform mindshare.

    [17:31] that’s all. beyond that, i’m an observer ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Walker Spaight

    [17:32] good angle, competition

    [17:32] Papi?

  96. Second Life

    [17:32] Papi Hayek yields

  97. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:32] sure would help NASA

  98. Walker Spaight

    [17:32] hehe

    [17:32] aye, they’re seeing some now too

    [17:32] ok Trevior?

    [17:32] *Trevor

  99. Trevor Steptoe

    [17:32] I’m interested in sustainability of 3D spaces through merging them with the web (accessed via browser, mixed with HTML).

    [17:32] Also, tools for metaverse historians, like open standards, code escrow services and portable sim platforms.

  100. Walker Spaight

    [17:33] nice

  101. Second Life

    [17:33] Trevor Steptoe passes the talking stick.

  102. Walker Spaight

    [17:33] to Mark

    [17:33] he Salazar

    [17:33] *hi

  103. Mark Barrett

    [17:33] whoops already?

    [17:33] I’m just really interested in all the web connectivity. Always dabbling with integration and add-ons. I pretty much agree with everything that was said already.

  104. Walker Spaight

    [17:33] heh wake up!

  105. Cheri Horton

    [17:33] *giggles*

  106. Mark Barrett

    [17:33] The metaverse means different things to different people. For me it’s an awesome sandbox. And it’s a way of connecting with family overseas, along with voice chat, it doesn’t matter that someone is 5000 miles away.

    [17:34] I’m interested in seeing how all the commercial aspects pan out. all these companies pulling stunts and trying to figure out whether this works for them.

    [17:35] Which I think it totally can. But a bad product is going to get ripped, since it’s a two-way communication medium, unlike TV or radio where you just passively listen to their pitch.

    [17:35] next.

  107. Walker Spaight

    [17:35] cool. Mohegan?

  108. Mohegan Sun

    [17:35] I don’t have any answers, just a few questions:

    [17:35] 1) What does LL need to do (or not do) to maintain growth and sustainability? What are some current roles LL is performing, but should be given to its residents to do?

    [17:35] 2) There has been a lot RL companies coming into SL lately. What is the good, the bad, and the ugly?

    [17:35] 3) When will my friends list max out? :\

  109. Zoe Visconti

    [17:35] lol

  110. Walker Spaight

    [17:35] hehe i was wondering that too

  111. Mark Barrett

    [17:36] 4 miles long and no end in sight ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Walker Spaight

    [17:36] ok sounds like on to Jesse

  113. Jesse Malthus

    [17:36] Hehe, another student/educator here

    [17:36] I’m interested in it for the social aspects, mainly

    [17:36] how do people interact, etc.

    [17:37] Sustainabilitywise, I’m concerned about community unity.

  114. Walker Spaight

    [17:37] good, suprised that hadn’t been mentioned much yet actually

    [17:37] ok Zoe then

  115. Zoe Visconti

    [17:38] my main concerns are open source and interoperability between worlds, but just to add something new to the discussion

    [17:38] i think tha metaverse should try to be universal, reach more people

    [17:38] and to do so, we need to keep it low-weight

    [17:38] my laptop was a top one last year and now it seems roughy enough to run this thing

  116. Walker Spaight

    [17:39] hehe

  117. Zoe Visconti

    [17:39] maybe a lighter version on clients could give more reach an be affordable for more people

  118. Walker Spaight

    [17:39] aye

    [17:39] ok Cheri?

  119. Williem Leandros

    [17:39] so we’ll be doing a one laptop per child port?

  120. Cheri Horton

    [17:39] Oh, public texting – a first for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Walker Spaight

    [17:39] haha

  122. Cheri Horton

    [17:40] Well, I have a three-fold concern that deals with privacy.

    [17:40] Firstly, I just think we need to think about what sort of federal legislation may be enacted in the future that might increasingly compromise the levels of anonymity and privacy that virtual worlds afford.

    [17:40] Eg. Legislation involving taxation of virtual assets. How much information about our virtual selves are we going to have to give up?

  123. Williem Leandros

    [17:40] hear hear

  124. Orion Keynes

    [17:40] grrrr tax

  125. Cheri Horton

    [17:40] One of my other concerns was the cavalier attitude some journalists have when it comes to writing about avatars and cover virtual worlds like SL.

  126. Zoe Visconti

    [17:40] good point

  127. Second Life

    [17:41] Walker Spaight is secretly a journalist

  128. Cheri Horton

    [17:41] Just because avatars are digital representations doesnt mean that the same – if not a similar – set of ethics shouldnt apply. I mean, our digital selves deserve the same privacy and respect we ideally enjoy in the physical world.

  129. Floyd Field

    [17:41] shhh, don’t tell

  130. Walker Spaight

    [17:41] red, we’re just going around contributing ideas for further discussion. Want to throw in 1 or 2?

  131. Cheri Horton

    [17:41] Lastly, I am concerned about privacy as it relates to the SL interface, namely the ability for camera probes.

  132. red Asturias

    [17:41] hi thanks for asking Walker.

  133. Cheri Horton

    [17:42] Im not crazy about the fact that you can zoom the SL camera anywhere and be able to see whats going on — particularly in private residences.

  134. red Asturias

    [17:42] I’m just here to find out more.

  135. Cheri Horton

    [17:42] That’s about it. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Jesse Malthus

    [17:42] I love it.

  137. red Asturias

    [17:42] I like this 3d and stuff i’m having a great time doint it.

    [17:42] So, I’m going to rock and roll with the best of em.

  138. Walker Spaight

    [17:42] cool, thanks for coming, red, glad to have you

  139. red Asturias

    [17:42] tyvm

  140. Walker Spaight

    [17:42] who’s up next, Aki?

  141. Aki Shichiroji

    [17:42] I’m afraid i don’t have much to add – I am mostly here as an observer.

    [17:43] However, I am very interested in SL as a networking tool for artists, writers and musicians. I see a lot of that happening already, but I would like to know just how much farther that can be pushed.

  142. Walker Spaight

    [17:43] observing is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Aki Shichiroji

    [17:43] I agree with Jesse in that community sustainability is an issue. SL has such a footprint already – at this point, it’s difficult to maintain a ccertain level of connectivity with the creative community, whether it be a ‘geographic’ issue or ultimately a

    [17:43] social one

  144. Walker Spaight

    [17:43] cool.

    [17:43] I think Boliver is already working on a thought there

  145. Floyd Field

    [17:43] looks like an epic

  146. Boliver Oddfellow

    [17:44] I’m going to take us back to standards for a moment to wit, with all the RL corps coming in and the delouge of new developers I would like to call for a set of agreed upon standards for developers and our Rl clients ones that make sure we dont muck up

    [17:44] the metaverse

    [17:44] and kill off the golden egg

    [17:44] or goose as it were

  147. Walker Spaight

    [17:44] cool, a different angle on standards

    [17:45] Salazar, you want to toss in any ideas for further discussion?

  148. Salazar Jack

    [17:45] Sure, just a few comments. Sorry I was late…

    [17:45] Living in Second Life needs to be easier and more reliable at a foundational level.

  149. Walker Spaight

    [17:45] np

  150. Salazar Jack

    [17:45] We need a more robust Grid that can be relied upon to provide a smooth simless transition between connected regions  whether walking, flying or driving a vehicle.

    [17:45] We need reliability concerning our builds and our inventory. Stuff shouldn’t just disappear, never to return.

  151. Walker Spaight

    [17:45] yup

  152. Salazar Jack

    [17:45] At this basic level it needs to work well and reliably to sustain the world and those who live and visit here.

    [17:45] That’s it so far. Thanks.

  153. Walker Spaight

    [17:46] nice, thanks

  154. Salazar Jack

    [17:46] oops. seemless transitions*

  155. Walker Spaight

    [17:46] Keystone had to go afk for a sec, but he IMd me his contribution

  156. Salazar Jack

    [17:46] not simless.. lol

  157. Walker Spaight

    [17:46] Keystone Bouchard: I’m focused on bridging the gap between RL Architectural practice and the metaverse. I’m specifically interested in how the metaverse can be used to promote and educate the value of sustainable architectural principles.

  158. Salazar Jack

    [17:46] seamless*

  159. Walker Spaight

    [17:46] lol

    [17:46] thanks you, Keystone as well, hehe

    [17:46] Scope?

  160. Scope Cleaver

    [17:46] I think the most important thing about sustainability that we overlook is the slow but sure transition of values inworld.

  161. Walker Spaight

    [17:47] nice, that lines up with the societal standards Boliver was mentioning a bit

  162. Scope Cleaver

    [17:47] I make this comment int he the mid to long term context

  163. Walker Spaight

    [17:47] ok did we miss anyone?

  164. Chip Poutine

    [17:47] hey walker

  165. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:47] rik and moo

  166. Walker Spaight

    [17:47] ah yeah Chip, go for it

    [17:47] oh hi rik and moo, didn’t see you

  167. Second Life

    [17:47] moo Money waves nervously

  168. Jesse Malthus

    [17:47] hi moo!

  169. Rik Riel

    [17:47] /hey

  170. Mark Barrett

    [17:48] i think we’re going to have to band together and brace for the impact of commercialization and politicians trying to beat this "metaverse thing" into submission.

  171. Chip Poutine

    [17:48] I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet, but as google seeks to locate their data centres close to hydro-power on the scale of aluminum smelters….

  172. Nick Hansen

    [17:48] /ao off

  173. Chip Poutine

    [17:48] i think we can also recognize how much physical energy can be saved in the metaverse on things like jet fuel, etc…

    [17:48] i’m doing work with clients i’ve never even spoken to, much less flown to meet with…

  174. Walker Spaight

    [17:48] yup, dirtworld sustainability

  175. Jesse Malthus

    [17:49] teleconferencing rocks ๐Ÿ˜€

  176. Chip Poutine

    [17:49] so basically the impact of the metaverse on dirtworld sustainability

  177. Walker Spaight

    [17:49] cool

  178. Mark Barrett

    [17:49] telecommuting does as well

  179. Chip Poutine

    [17:49] both as education and as transforming dirtworld society

  180. Nick Hansen

    [17:49] /mg suspend

  181. Walker Spaight

    [17:49] we are just contributing one or two ideas on metaversal sustainability that we can discuss further in a minute

    [17:49] you want to chip in? you can pass if you like

  182. Second Life

    [17:50] Rik Riel passes

  183. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:50] /mg suspend

  184. Walker Spaight

    [17:50] ah we’ve put them to sleep already

  185. moo Money

    [17:50] yeah, I’ll pass too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  186. Walker Spaight

    [17:50] Nick?

  187. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:50] moo is not an egghead

  188. Nick Hansen

    [17:50] I am just lurking for now.

  189. Walker Spaight

    [17:50] cool

  190. moo Money

    [17:50] (I just like to listen)

  191. Walker Spaight

    [17:50] Baba, dare you make one more comment?

  192. Zoe Visconti

    [17:50] i think mark had a good one more

  193. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:50] Muahahaha

  194. Orion Keynes

    [17:50] /mg suspend

  195. Boliver Oddfellow

    [17:50] damn moo I thought ya just liked to watch

  196. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:51] It’s a little balooned but I’ll try to keep it short

  197. moo Money

    [17:51] I’m multitalented

  198. Mark Barrett

    [17:51] moo, did you kill the cow yourself? ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. Walker Spaight

    [17:51] quite in the peanut gallery ๐Ÿ˜›

    [17:51] *quiet

  200. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:51] When I think about the metaverse I ask myself a question. What is the metaverse?

  201. moo Money

    [17:51] My publicist advised me not to comment

  202. Mark Barrett

    [17:51] wise move

  203. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:51] Is it different from the web or web 3d or Second Life? To me Web 3D is not the metaverse, but it is the next logical step for displaying certain types of information.

  204. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:51] you can buy my book next week to find the answer

  205. Jesse Malthus

    [17:52] ๐Ÿ˜€

  206. Zoe Visconti

    [17:52] lol

  207. Mark Barrett

    [17:52] hahaha

  208. moo Money

    [17:52] hippo killer!

  209. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:52] To me the metaverse is a way of using the web or web 3d to communicate and collaborate in real time with anyone.

  210. Mark Barrett

    [17:52] it’s myspace, just better.

  211. Nick Hansen

    [17:52] Mark Barrett… small world ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:52] It’s not about the technology that you use, but how you use it.

  213. Mark Barrett

    [17:52] Nick, indeed. but i live here ๐Ÿ˜›

  214. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:52] So, metaverse sustainability is all about supporting these technologies that allow us to communicate and collaborate.

  215. Walker Spaight

    [17:52] cool

  216. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:52] It has to be ubiquitous, so it’s about standards that allow anyone to implement these technologies. The web is already there for the most part, but we need to do the same with 3D.

    [17:53] Implementation is not so important if there are standards in place.

    [17:53] alright ๐Ÿ™‚

    [17:53] prepared statment done ๐Ÿ˜‰

  217. Walker Spaight

    [17:53] ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Cheri Horton

    [17:53] *giggles*

  219. Walker Spaight

    [17:53] ok so that was a lot of topics

  220. Trevor Steptoe

    [17:53] Is there going to be a portion of the event when we shamelessly plug our own work?

  221. Jesse Malthus

    [17:53] libsecondlife!

  222. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:53] libsecondlife can cure cancer and make your genitals larger

  223. Walker Spaight

    [17:53] my thought was that we might want to split into 4-6 gruops and each take a topic and dream up some projects or develop the ideas or otherwise come back with something to present to the gruop.

    [17:54] do you guys want me to go over the topics we’ve mentioned? Or do you want to toss out yourr favorites and kidn of figure out who you can get with to talk about what?

  224. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:54] *coff* standards

  225. Second Life

    [17:54] moo Money looks around the room nervously and hopes someone picks her

  226. Jesse Malthus

    [17:54] lol

  227. Walker Spaight

    [17:54] Idea is we talk about stuff for 30 minutes, then come back here and each gruop makes a kind of presentation on what they’ve come up with.

  228. Dedric Mauriac

    [17:54] i’ll talk about you moo

  229. Mark Barrett

    [17:54] machinimoo topic.

  230. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:54] so waht topics are we splitting into?

  231. Trevor Steptoe

    [17:55] Walker: why don’t you name the four "corners" of the circle with the popular topics, and we’ll all migrate.

  232. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:55] open standards….new app directions?

  233. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:55] great story.. i was in SF the last night of SLCC and moo was drunk…

  234. Orion Keynes

    [17:55] gotta go guys – thanks for the meeting

  235. Mark Barrett

    [17:55] movie production, SL for cheap prototyping

  236. Walker Spaight

    [17:55] so I’ll list off what seem to be the top 4-5, hang on one sec

  237. Poinky Malaprop

    [17:55] I thought we were going to vote ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. Zoe Visconti

    [17:55] i have to go before i hit the keyboard falling asleep… thanks Walker, looking forward to anothe meeting, maybe more european friendly time ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. Cheri Horton

    [17:55] Cool.

  240. Walker Spaight

    [17:55] cya Zoe, sry about that

  241. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:56] Eveyon for standards rally around me

  242. Aki Shichiroji

    [17:56] hiya Koz

  243. Zoe Visconti

    [17:56] np ๐Ÿ™‚ bye

  244. Orion Keynes

    [17:56] lol, Aussie here, at work – boos looking curiosly over my shoulder

  245. Second Life

    [17:56] Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype

  246. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:56] so Walker, spit out our options

  247. Jesse Malthus

    [17:56] lol

  248. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:56] we got one group about standards

  249. Koz Farina

    [17:56] hi rezzin

  250. Mark Barrett

    [17:56] god, wish i could be in SL at work.

  251. moo Money

    [17:56] eep!

  252. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:56] Wii!!

  253. Second Life

    [17:56] Dedric Mauriac squeeks!

  254. Walker Spaight

    [17:56] ok

    [17:57] i think maybe 5 groups will do it

    [17:57] hi Koz

  255. red Asturias

    [17:57] what’s the list you have Walker

  256. Walker Spaight

    [17:57] here’s the list I have

  257. Koz Farina

    [17:57] hi walker. just waiting for u guys to rez so I can see where to sit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  258. Walker Spaight

    [17:57] #1: standards & interoperability

  259. Williem Leandros

    [17:57] I gotta jet as well, thanks for getting this together Walker, looking forward to the news afterward.

  260. Walker Spaight

    [17:57] #2: user experience and community

    [17:58] (these are necessarily broad)

    [17:58] #3: broader metaversal concerns, SL-Web, collaboration, etc.

    [17:58] #4: dirtworld sustainability, and a bit of metaverse historical concerns

    [17:58] #5: commercial and political concerns, and societal standards

    [17:59] hopefully those aren’t too overlapping.

  261. Jesse Malthus

    [17:59] eek! so many good topics!

  262. Koz Farina

    [17:59] ok. sat now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  263. Satchmo Prototype

    [17:59] heh, where can I find #3’s? ๐Ÿ™‚

  264. moo Money

    [17:59] the only one I know about is #2. who’s with me? I’ve got booze!

  265. Trevor Steptoe

    [17:59] Man, I want to be in all those groups!

  266. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:59] yah. #3’s

  267. Walker Spaight

    [17:59] you should just pick whichever you’re interested in. I’ll assign numbers to locastions

  268. Second Life

    [17:59] Aki Shichiroji is torn between 2 & 3

  269. Aki Shichiroji

    [17:59] ๐Ÿ˜›

  270. Subghoul Epsilon

    [17:59] carful, she’s gota camera too!

  271. Walker Spaight

    [17:59] wait, Mark Barrett, which grouo do you want? You want to take them over to your plot?

  272. Baba Yamamoto

    [17:59] #1 is wherever I go baby

  273. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:00] heh.

  274. Dedric Mauriac

    [18:00] I’m #1

  275. Mark Barrett

    [18:00] 3?

    [18:00] the whole web thing

  276. Walker Spaight

    [18:00] ok #3 go with Mark soutjh of here

  277. Floyd Field

    [18:00] you can find the tear feature under tools/tear avie

  278. Walker Spaight

    [18:00] how about #1 take up residence in the welcome area

  279. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:00] i’m nto sure where I want to head

  280. Walker Spaight

    [18:00] #2 stay here

  281. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:00] i’m going for #5

    [18:00] where are we heading

  282. moo Money

    [18:00] if no one else chooses #2, I’ll be forced to talk about myself

  283. Walker Spaight

    [18:00] #4 um, over the mountains there?

  284. Koz Farina

    [18:00] i mised #1

  285. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:00] aww moo.

    [18:01] #1 was open standards

  286. Walker Spaight

    [18:01] and #5 maybe under the moon?

    [18:01] #1 was Welcome Area

  287. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:01] Hmm. Moon.

  288. Baba Yamamoto

    [18:01] Muahahaha

  289. Rik Riel

    [18:01] under the moon sound a bit vague

  290. Walker Spaight

    [18:01] oh yeah #1 was standrds and interoperatbility

  291. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:01] yeah it is a touch vague

  292. Rik Riel

    [18:01] but I’m all 5, all the time

  293. Baba Yamamoto

    [18:01] #1 oepn standards and interoperability ;

  294. Walker Spaight

    [18:01] they have to be a bit vague to encompass all the subjects

  295. Rik Riel

    [18:01] I mean the space, not the topic

  296. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:01] Heh. Yeah. Where is the moon ?

  297. Walker Spaight

    [18:01] oh hehe

    [18:02] the moon is SW of here in the sky heh

  298. Boliver Oddfellow

    [18:02] dayum rl calls, please keep me in the loop

  299. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:02] Cool. Thanks

  300. Walker Spaight

    [18:02] over there

  301. Eric Mosienko

    [18:02] walker, when do we come back?

  302. Baba Yamamoto

    [18:02] #1s

  303. Rik Riel

    [18:02] I’ll head there. look for the giant robot.

  304. otakup0pe Neumann

    [18:02] And i’m off for the moon.

  305. Mark Barrett

    [18:02] walker, send out an island message


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  1. prokofy said,

    October 23, 2006 at 1:55 pm

    Could you PLEASE stop posting these chat logs with the time stamps. They are utterly unnecessary, distract from reading the flow of the text, and make for more distended space in reprinting it. Just remove time stamping in preferences.

  2. Cheri Horton said,

    October 23, 2006 at 2:35 pm

    Correction for the record, line 242: I meant vulnerable targets, not moving targets.

    I need to practice my public texting…

  3. Cheri Horton said,

    October 23, 2006 at 2:36 pm

    Line 242 on Page 2, that is!

  4. SignpostMarv said,

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    @ Cheri:
    Sorry for not correcting earlier as you asked, it’s been corrected now ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Prokofy:

    The XHTML chat log format I am using is a combination of the format described in Tantek ร‡elik’s 2003 presentation on The Elements of Meaningful XHTML, and the abbr design pattern.

    I alter the format of the SL chat logs so as to improve readability to a certain degree, and to provide some CSS hooks for customisation of display, but I do not alter the context- the order messages were displayed, and when they were displayed.

    If the timestamps bother you that much, it’s a case of using a custom stylesheet or browser userscript (all modern browsers support userscripts one way or the other, including IE) to inject the following CSS rule:

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