Lex Lardner on Jnana and Second Life

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:05] shall we start?

  2. Lex Lardner

    [19:05] just one minute please….

  3. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:05] ok , let me know when you’re ready

  4. Lex Lardner

    [19:05] Sitearm Madonna

  5. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:05] in the mean time – everybody check out my cool adidas sneakers !

  6. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:05] I heard thouse were 256 prims a shoe

  7. Chili Carson

    [19:06] Wow, Poinky, you are a real early adopter!

  8. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:06] ^zooms

  9. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:06] could be. they take a while to rez

    [19:06] but they’re oh so stylish.

  10. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:06] I am a firm believer in Hi prim being the way forward ๐Ÿ˜€

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  12. Lex Lardner

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  13. Sitearm Madonna

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  14. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:07] ok, welcome everyone

    [19:07] tonight we have Lex lardner talking about

  15. Seraphima Salsman

    [19:07] hi

  16. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:07] some cool technology

    [19:07] as always

    [19:07] before we get started

    [19:07] I’m somewhat conservative with the TOS

    [19:07] so in order to publish the transcripts

    [19:07] we will ask everybody’s permission

  17. Chili Carson

    [19:08] OK, with me

  18. Li Xi

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    [19:08] I have built a l33t tool to help me with this

  21. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:08] so if you get bothered by a buggy script

    [19:08] let me know, and I’ll delete it

    [19:08] so without further ado –

    [19:08] take it away lex!

  22. Lex Lardner

    [19:08] great, thanks

    [19:08] For the past ten years, Jnana has been building a unique AI platform to enable domain experts to build software systems without any help from programmers

  23. Rik Riel

    [19:09] hi signpostmarv

  24. Lex Lardner

    [19:09] Hi Rik

    [19:09] Jnana’s goal has been to empower people like doctors, lawyers, etc to build web-based systems that give situation-specific advice, 24/7/365

    [19:09] For example, Jnana systems built by lawyers are currently providing sophisticated legal advice to people inside a large bank, and to another group inside a large publishing company.

    [19:09] Jnana accomplishes this by using artificial intelligence under the hood. This includes our own proprietary inferencing engine and semantics.

    [19:10] This also includes a set of easy-to-use, declarative authoring tools, that enable non-programmers to create and maintain and deploy to their customers and clients the type of logic they use in their everyday jobs.

    [19:10] We have architected the platform to be extensible. Different types of logic engines can be plugged-in and removed easily. This is what has let the platform evolve smoothly over the past ten years.

    [19:10] We have recently gotten excited about bringing the Jnana platform to Second Life.

    [19:10] We believe that the Jnana platform can fill an important gap in Second Life — by enabling non-technical content creators to add intelligence and interactivity to objects in SL

    [19:11] Currently, one needs to use LSL to do this. Even when SL adds Mono, one will still need to use a traditional programming language to do this.

    [19:11] With Jnana, the average SL user will be able to do this, without having to learn a traditional programming language (which is an insurmountable barrier for most people).

    [19:11] Enabling the average SL user to add interactivity and intelligence to objects in SL has the potential to take SL to a whole new level

    [19:11] This slide shows a new HUD that Jnana has just created.

    [19:11] The HUD provides access to six simple Jnana authoring tools, and provides some administrative capabilities, too.

    [19:12] One of the tools accessed from the new HUD is called "QART", which stands for Question Answer Response Tree.

    [19:13] You are seeing a snapshot of a QART that was created for medial diagnosis

    [19:13] medical

    [19:13] The QART tool enables non–programmers to build branching logic, using an easily-understood tree interface.

    [19:13] Under the hood, we are automatically setting up backward chaining goals, to drive the runtime session in an efficient and logical way.

    [19:13] The QART trees are modular, and can call and be called by other QART trees. This enables some rather complex systems to be built up from sets of simple QARTs.

    [19:14] Another tool accessed from the new HUD is our CALC tool. This tool provides a drag and drop interface for creating mathematical and logical expressions.

    [19:14] Again, the interface is intuitive, and easy for non-programmers to grasp and use.

    [19:14] Like the QART tool, this CALC tool creates standalone applications that can also act as called modules in larger systems.

  25. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:15] everyone here familiar with backward chaining goals?

  26. Lex Lardner

    [19:15] Ah, good point.

  27. Chili Carson

    [19:15] no

  28. Rik Riel

    [19:15] nope

  29. Li Xi

    [19:15] no

  30. Lex Lardner

    [19:15] Let me say a few words about that…

  31. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:15] ^insert joke about soccer

  32. Lex Lardner

    [19:15] backward chaining is goal oriented reasoning

    [19:16] you reason backward from the goal to the facts that might support or reach that goal

    [19:16] forward chaining is the reverse

    [19:16] you reason forward from one input to the next, and you end up wherever you end up

    [19:16] Jnana uses both backward chaining and forward chaining inference in its engine

    [19:16] does that help?

  33. Chili Carson

    [19:16] yes

  34. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:16] sounds good

  35. Lex Lardner

    [19:17] ok, let’s proceed…

    [19:17] Yet another tool accessed from the new HUD is our FScale tool, shown on this next slide.

    [19:17] An FScale is a tool that takes multiple inputs, and resolves them through a weighting or balancing algorithm to a single output score or list value.

    [19:17] The FScale employs rather different logic than a CALC or a QART.

    [19:17] One of the key features of Jnana is the ability to use different, multiple reasoning modes.

  36. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:17] is this a screenshot of a SL Hud?

  37. Lex Lardner

    [19:18] This is a screenshot of the FScale tool, invoked from the HUD

    [19:18] The HUD provides a set of links…

  38. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:18] ok

  39. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:18] ^which runs quicker in uBrowser than it does in Firefox for some odd reason

  40. Lex Lardner

    [19:18] each link brings you to a tool, or to a web page that provides some useful (we hope) capability

    [19:19] a number of the tools are currently provided as Java applets…

    [19:19] and as Marv points out, some of the Java applets seem to load more slowly in certain browsers than others…

    [19:19] *coughs back*

  41. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:19] It’s a problem with the nature of the Java VM I believe

    [19:20] uBrowser being totally stripped down when it runs inside SL etc

  42. Ralph Silversten

    [19:20] Would it be possible to convert them into Flash using Actionscript?

  43. Lex Lardner

    [19:20] Anyway, by means of backward chaining and our prioritization algorithms under the hood, different reasoning is smoothly and automatically integrated.

    [19:20] that’s where the backward chaining earns its keep….

    [19:21] it’s a key part of driving the runtime logic, so the user experiences a logical Q&A flow…

    [19:21] all without any procedural programming

    [19:21] this next slide shows a portion of my current inventory

    [19:21] In addition to providing a HUD to access the Jnana authoring tools, we are also providing a set of scripts and objects in SL to work with Jnana applications.

    [19:22] This slide shows the current set of SL scripts and objects. We are in the process of building out this set of scripts and objects.

    [19:22] Our initial set of LSL scripts and objects is a reference implementation.

    [19:22] We will expect and encourage programmers in SL to extend and improve this in all kinds of ways.

    [19:22] But this initial set of objects and scripts already does quite a bit of interesting stuff in SL, as you will see in a second…

    [19:22] The next slide is intentionally titled in a provocative way: Intelligent SL Stores

    [19:23] This is intended as just one example of what can and will be done in SL with the Jnana software platform. But it is an important "use case"

  44. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:23] NPCs!

  45. Lex Lardner

    [19:23] With Jnana, the average SL user will have the ability to create a custom store that provides a unique shopping experience in a particular niche

  46. Grace McDunnough

    [19:23] LOL

  47. Second Life

    [19:23] Peter Newell chuckles

  48. Lex Lardner

    [19:24] With Jnana, the average SL user will have the ability to create a custom store that provides a unique shopping experience in a particular niche

    [19:24] These stores will not compete with Amazon and EBay and shopping.com. Those are online supermarkets. These are niche stores.

  49. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:24] So…. is that meant to be like the scene in Minority Report where he goes into the store and it says Hello, how did you enjoy your recent purchase, would you be interested in these things etc ?

  50. Lex Lardner

    [19:24] Yes, exactly!

  51. Prokofy Neva

    [19:24] Some stores do this now with welcome mat sensors with talk scripts.

  52. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:24] working from UUID instead of eyeball attachments I hope ๐Ÿ˜›

  53. Lex Lardner

    [19:25] Those scenes in Minority Report were part of what influenced us here…

    [19:25] no eyeball attachments needed (but the HUD can be attached to eyeballs if u r into that sort of thing..)

    [19:25] OK, so this next slide shows an avatar in one of Jnana’s demo stores, the cookware store at Yurim.

    [19:26] This is an example of what can be done by combining the Jnana authoring tools with SL scripts and objects

    [19:26] You can do a SEARCH for "Jnana" to find the cookware store, and the other demo stores at the Jnana Center in Yurim.

    [19:26] If you are curious, I hope you do check out the demo stores at the Jnana Center. That’s currently the best place to see the Jnana software system in SL.

    [19:26] Notice a few things about the image in this slide. The large image of the steel wok to the right is taken live from Amazon.com.

    [19:27] This is the wok recommended by the Jnana system as appropriate for this customer, from all available woks on Amazon.

  54. Rik Riel

    [19:27] html on a prim!

  55. Lex Lardner

    [19:27] Yup….but really just an image in this case….

    [19:27] we are using the sl capability to stream images and video to a prim

  56. Rik Riel

    [19:27] jpeg on a prim!

  57. Lex Lardner

    [19:28] yes….

  58. Peter Newell

    [19:28] hehe

  59. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:28] PNG on a prim ๐Ÿ˜›

  60. Lex Lardner

    [19:28] Notice also the smaller black wok directly in front of the customer. That wok is an object that was configured and rezzed during the session for this customer.

    [19:28] This rezzed wok serves as a prototype of what the customer needs. We then use that data to run a backend search on Amazon, to find suitable woks.

    [19:28] All of this was created in about a day, without any programming at all.

    [19:28] This is one of potentially thousands of different types of stores and shopping experiences that could be created using Jnana and Second Life together.

  61. Chili Carson

    [19:28] very impressive, Lex

  62. Lex Lardner

    [19:29] thanks, Chili!

    [19:29] The next slide discusses our new Jnana Island project.

    [19:29] Jnana Island is an attempt to put our money where our mouth is.

  63. Jeh Zon

    [19:29] So business will have to provide 3D, scale models of their products in the future, in additon to publicity/product shots?

  64. Lex Lardner

    [19:29] Jeh Zon: Yes!

    [19:29] Maybe not required, but certainly useful and important

    [19:30] Seems to me that this should be part of issuing a new product — you provide not just photos, but 3D models

  65. Rik Riel

    [19:30] is amazon the only game in town when it comes to e-commerce in SL?

  66. Lex Lardner

    [19:30] Nope

    [19:30] We work with Ebay and shopping.com just fine…

    [19:30] But I do find Amazon has very good API’s and data…

    [19:31] So, we recently bought this private island to create a place for this new class of SL stores that we envision.

    [19:31] We are going to make it extremely cheap and easy for anyone to start a niche store in SL.

    [19:31] We will provide the land and the store for free (using ModLife stores, to give the island a consistent look and feel)

    [19:31] We will help store owners build their custom stores, using the Jnana software platform to provide interactive, intelligent behavior.

    [19:31] We will not require any up front fees at all. Just 2% of gross sales on the back end.

    [19:31] We will expect stores to do a certain minimum level of busines each month, to justify keeping their land and store space on Jnana Island.

    [19:32] But the minimum targets will be low — something less than $20 gross per day. Any store worth its salt should have no problem meeting that target.

    [19:32] And this last slide shows Jnana Island, which is currently under development

    [19:32] As you can see, we have placed some ModLife stores on the island, to give a feel for how it will look

    [19:32] We are currently talking with a number of potential store owners about opening stores on Jnana Island within the next month

    [19:32] We hope and expect to have our first set of stores open for business in October. Stay tuned!

    [19:32] I’d like to take a few minutes now to demo something.

    [19:33] Let’s build a little system together.

    [19:33] I will build this "live" with you in the next few minutes.

    [19:33] And then we will run it together, sharing the dialog screens.

    [19:33] That will give you a feel for how quickly Jnana systems can be created, and for how easily they can be run and shared in Second LIfe.

    [19:33] Let’s build a system that provides guidance to a newbie on problems he or she is likely to encounter in SL on the first day.

    [19:34] The floor is open for suggestions — what is a classic first day problem for the average newbie in SL?

    [19:34] And be nice!

  67. Jeh Zon

    [19:34] How do I remove this box from my head?

  68. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:34] gwhere to go, what to do

  69. Ralph Silversten

    [19:34] How to get around

  70. Rik Riel

    [19:34] lol

  71. Chili Carson

    [19:34] yes!

  72. Tataku Yugen

    [19:34] I’m lost!

  73. Prokofy Neva

    [19:34] The box no longer goes on the head, they fixed that.

  74. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:34] "How do I earn money"

  75. Chili Carson

    [19:34] how do i change my hair!!!!

  76. Rik Riel

    [19:34] how to fly?

  77. Li Xi

    [19:35] What will I do now that I can’t get back to Help Island?

  78. Prokofy Neva

    [19:35] The average newbies asks where the money and jobs are first.

  79. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:35] "how to land without going splat"

  80. Rik Riel

    [19:35] where’s amsterdam?

  81. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:35] finfding a guide for the first stepe in-world

  82. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:35] /list

  83. Second Life

    [19:36] Li Xi pokes Lex

  84. Chili Carson

    [19:36] wakey wakey Lex

  85. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:36] lex said he sometimes gets disconnected

    [19:36] talk amongst yourself

  86. Rik Riel

    [19:36] smoke em if you got em

  87. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:36] There’s also the factor of [Alt] + [Tab] to browser

  88. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:36] hi lex – back?

  89. Lex Lardner

    [19:37] sorry — I had a RL emergency….back now.

  90. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:37] (runing the applet outside of SL is more reliable due to SL being prone to seemingly random crashes)

  91. Lex Lardner

    [19:37] ok, I see LOTS of good ideas…

    [19:37] let me just run with one or two…

  92. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:38] the one he picks is the planted audience member!

  93. Lex Lardner

    [19:38] i like the money problems…so let’s try tyat

    [19:38] that

    [19:38] or, ok, Poinky, you pick one!

  94. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:39] no, do the money one

  95. Prokofy Neva

    [19:39] the f1 guide crashes SL or lags many people, not a solution.

  96. Lex Lardner

    [19:39] ok…

  97. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:39] it’s one I could use..

  98. Lex Lardner

    [19:39] let’s do sometjhing simple with that….

    [19:39] so, I guess the fisrst question is, What’s the problem?

  99. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:39] ^running the applet inside SL’s uBrowser drops the frame rate to 0.8 fps

  100. Lex Lardner

    [19:40] and one answer is: I need to make some money…

    [19:40] so what’s the next question, if the user says he needs to make some money?

    [19:41] any volunteers?

  101. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:41] where to go / what to do: first questions of the newbie on orientation island

  102. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:41] "How much money do you want to make"

  103. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:41] what skills do you have?

  104. Lex Lardner

    [19:41] ok…

    [19:41] let’s try that..one sec

    [19:42] so what are the possible skills of a newbite?

    [19:42] newbie?

  105. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:42] anything

  106. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:42] scoder or artist

  107. Rik Riel

    [19:42] builder

  108. Peter Newell

    [19:42] organizing

  109. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:42] coder

  110. Rik Riel

    [19:42] sex worker

  111. Lex Lardner

    [19:42] maybe photoshop?

  112. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:42] DJ, musician

  113. Troy McLuhan

    [19:42] 16th century poetry criticism

  114. Lex Lardner

    [19:42] I was waiting to see who said sex worker!

  115. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:42] business entrepreneur

  116. Lex Lardner

    [19:42] ok, that suffices….

  117. Prokofy Neva

    [19:42] real estate photographer

  118. Lex Lardner

    [19:42] one sec

  119. Li Xi

    [19:43] He’s concentrating

  120. Gilbert Frederick

    [19:43] away

  121. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:43] I think he’s setting up the app

  122. Rik Riel

    [19:44] soda anyone?

  123. Lex Lardner

    [19:44] back

    [19:44] so, let’s run it now…

  124. Peter Newell

    [19:44] only if it has bourbon, Rik

  125. Lex Lardner

    [19:45] can everyone see the blue dialog box?

  126. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:45] nope

  127. Lex Lardner

    [19:45] hmmm…

  128. Prokofy Neva

    [19:45] not yet

  129. Chili Carson

    [19:45] no

  130. Lex Lardner

    [19:45] I’m seeing it….

    [19:46] let’s see if I can add all of you…

    [19:46] how about now?

  131. Rik Riel

    [19:46] yep

  132. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:46] yep

  133. Peter Newell

    [19:46] there we go

  134. Grace McDunnough

    [19:46] Yes

  135. Li Xi

    [19:46] got it

  136. Lex Lardner

    [19:46] good

  137. Chili Carson

    [19:46] yup

  138. Lex Lardner

    [19:46] so I’ll choose #1

  139. Lex Lardner

    [19:46] and I’ll say, mmm, #2

    [19:47] ok, let’s try another session

  140. Rik Riel

    [19:47] lol

  141. Prokofy Neva

    [19:47] lol

  142. Lex Lardner

    [19:48] one more

  143. Prokofy Neva

    [19:48] blue drop-down menus themselves are so clunky — will they ever have anything that sort of has a fade like a slide? instead of that thing?

  144. Lex Lardner

    [19:48] yes, they are clunky….

  145. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:48] you could make huds that do it

  146. Prokofy Neva

    [19:48] well huds block the view too tho

  147. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:48] but they can pop in an dout like dialogs

  148. Prokofy Neva

    [19:48] I always flinch whenever I see a blue drop-down menu, much of the time it is an object requesting money from me.

  149. Lex Lardner

    [19:48] agreed….this is where I say that the SL programmer community can adn will extend and improve things…

  150. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:49] XML UI will save us..

  151. Tataku Yugen

    [19:49] Amen

  152. Lex Lardner

    [19:49] our SL toolkit should be considered an initial reference implementation

  153. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:49] bug LL with your XUI questions here: http://blog.secondlife.com/2006/08/27/sl-views-2-xui-roadmap/

  154. Lex Lardner

    [19:49] the Jnana platform is loosely coupled to the scripts and objects in SL…

    [19:50] easy to extend the scripts and objects in SL….no change needed on the jnana backend at all…

    [19:50] this also means that we can work with other virtual worlds….

    [19:50] without changing the Jnana backend

  155. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:50] are you looking at any other worlds right now?

  156. Rik Riel

    [19:50] there ar eOTHER virtual world!?!?

  157. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:50] this could be useful in WoW

  158. Lex Lardner

    [19:51] we are focused on SL right now….but agreed this could be very useful in WOW…

    [19:51] What I really like about SL is that users are creating the content of the world….

    [19:51] Jnana fits beautifully with that….

  159. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:51] but Jnana has been around for a long time, right?

  160. Lex Lardner

    [19:52] we are trying to empower those same users who create content to now do more…

    [19:52] Yes, Jnana has been around 10 years…but mostly working with law firms and large companies

    [19:52] we have been making the underlying AI engine robust and general…

  161. Li Xi

    [19:52] How do you pronounce "Jnana"

  162. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:52] how did you get into SL? is it an experiment, or do you see it as a profitable market?

  163. Lex Lardner

    [19:52] well, I pronounce it je-na-na.

  164. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:53] like Banana ?

  165. Chili Carson

    [19:53] Lex, what is your position at the firm?

  166. Lex Lardner

    [19:53] But it’s a sanskrit word meaning "knowledge" — kind of an important word in India…

    [19:53] I’m the CEO of Jnana.

  167. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:53] like "avatar"

  168. Lex Lardner

    [19:53] I’m not a programmer at all, by the way.

    [19:54] My programmers all have strong AI backgrounds…they come from the space industry

  169. Li Xi

    [19:54] Then it’s probably more like asana than banana.

  170. Lex Lardner

    [19:54] yes, more like asan

    [19:54] asana

  171. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:54] so did you bring up Second Life, or one of your space programmers?

  172. Lex Lardner

    [19:54] I got into SL about 18 months ago, through a friend…

  173. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:55] I’m interested because most RL businesses seem to view SL just as a marketing opportunity. not a place to offer real services and make money

  174. Lex Lardner

    [19:55] I was immediately excited about the way users were creating the world…

    [19:55] still am…

  175. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:55] you may be one of the first?

  176. Chili Carson

    [19:56] Poinky, I think this would be very helpful to my firm.

  177. Lex Lardner

    [19:56] Follow — yes, you make a very good point there

    [19:56] lawyers and bankers are VERY conservative with technology in general…

  178. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:56] What is your position on creating a proprietary technology on top of what will eventually (hopefully) be an open platform ?

  179. Lex Lardner

    [19:57] Marv — that’s a very interesting question…

    [19:58] in some ways, I think it is a good thing for Jnana to stay loosely coupled with SL

    [19:58] as noted earlier, staying loosely coupled, as a separate platform, means that Jnana applications are portable across virtual worlds

    [19:59] Also, I should note that we are already using the Amazon EC2 and S3 services to leverage the amazon grid

  180. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:59] Ah yes, but they applications are still tied to the Jnana platform aren’t they ?

  181. Lex Lardner

    [19:59] that helps reduce some of the failure risk with a separate platform….

  182. Prokofy Neva

    [19:59] How did you arrive at the figure of 2 percent of sales?

  183. Chili Carson

    [19:59] good question, Prok

  184. Lex Lardner

    [20:00] yes, apps are tied to the Jnana platform, but there is no other way right now, because there are no standards yet in this area

    [20:00] Let me answer the 2% question…

    [20:00] Here is how I backed into that number…

    [20:01] A private island costs roughly $200 US per month

    [20:01] I’m figuring around 20 stores per island (leaving ample space between stores, and for community areas…)

    [20:01] so that means Jnana needs to clear about $10 per store per month

    [20:02] at 2% commissions, that means each store needs to generate about $500 gross sales per month,

    [20:02] and that seems quite doable….

  185. Prokofy Neva

    [20:02] Well you’d have to test how many transactoins come about and what kind of traffic

  186. Lex Lardner

    [20:02] and that’s just to break even, of course…

  187. Prokofy Neva

    [20:02] the problem is many of us already essentially pay $80 taxes on every sale or many sales

    [20:03] due to the cost of SEARCH and CLASSIFIEDS

  188. Lex Lardner

    [20:03] yes, and of course a lot will depend on the type of goods being sold….

    [20:03] there are lots of variables here….it is going to be interesting…

  189. Prokofy Neva

    [20:03] not to mention one’s own tier costs

  190. Lex Lardner

    [20:03] but the bottom line is that it doesn’t take much for this to fly….

    [20:03] if a store can sell something like $20 US per day, it will probably make a profit for itself and for us…

    [20:04] that’s a pretty modest hurdle to clear…

    [20:04] if we can’t clear it, okay….

  191. Prokofy Neva

    [20:04] Many content creators easily reach $10,000 a day and have few costs but their own labour

  192. Lex Lardner

    [20:04] but I think we can…

  193. Prokofy Neva

    [20:04] but quite a few are more in the $500-$3000 range

  194. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:04] and you’re using Jnana’s land, so you dont pay additional tier, right?

  195. Prokofy Neva

    [20:04] depends on their item, whether skin/vehicle or what

    [20:04] but you might pay tier on your own workshop land where you create your wares

  196. Lex Lardner

    [20:04] yes, but remember I’m talking about selling real products and goods and services….

  197. Prokofy Neva

    [20:05] well then if RL stores are merely using this as an augmentation, the cost of server space they write off easily

  198. Lex Lardner

    [20:05] I’m talking about SL stores selling real cookware, real cellphones, real sports equipment, etc.

  199. Prokofy Neva

    [20:05] it’s nothing for them to say "$195 a month, server space"

  200. Lex Lardner

    [20:05] agreed…

    [20:05] but it is not only RL stores…

    [20:05] I am particuarly excited about empowering individuals to create and run stores in SL

  201. Prokofy Neva

    [20:05] well they are selling these real things but by capturing avatars whom they hope have some value add by using this clunky interface versus a more clickable and easily viewed web interface

  202. Lex Lardner

    [20:06] the web is great for supermarkets, selling large varieties of goods…

    [20:06] but I think there is also a need and opportunity for lots of niche stores, creating special experiences in SL

  203. Grace McDunnough

    [20:06] I think the most important point here is that this allows a business owner to create (and capture?) a dialogue with the consumer.

  204. Chili Carson

    [20:06] it looks like a real step forward towards progressing to 3D selling environments

  205. Lex Lardner

    [20:06] and providing real guidance and expertise to customers….

  206. Rik Riel

    [20:06] I’m unconvinced that we’re at a moment where VWs are accepted spaces for buying RW goods

  207. Grace McDunnough

    [20:07] What are the provisions for instrumentation and data mining?

  208. Chili Carson

    [20:07] Rik, I think it is only a matter of time

  209. Prokofy Neva

    [20:07] Yes the person inhabiting the 3-d space comes for other reasons than to look at woks — the wok has to grab him out of his other stuff he’s doing here.

  210. Lex Lardner

    [20:07] Grace — Jnana makes it easy to interact with databases and web services

  211. Sitearm Madonna

    [20:07] too much wok makes jack a dull boy

  212. Lex Lardner

    [20:07] so it is easy to store data and then mine it…

  213. Chili Carson

    [20:07] There are already a number of big companies creating marketing campaigns with avatars…

  214. Prokofy Neva

    [20:08] and?

    [20:08] did they sell anything? or just have a marketing campaign?

  215. Chili Carson

    [20:08] People are becoming used to accepting digital images instead of "humans" to sell to them

    [20:08] Charles Schwaab ran a whole series of commercials starring avatars this summer

  216. Prokofy Neva

    [20:08] Sales figures?

  217. Chili Carson

    [20:09] Charles Schwaab — doesn’t get more mainstream than that

  218. Lex Lardner

    [20:09] Chili — I agree

  219. Prokofy Neva

    [20:09] Could they track avataric ad campaigning to the purchase of more bonds though?

  220. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:09] Chili – do you want to say a few words how you think this could be applied to your business?

  221. Chili Carson

    [20:09] Gosh, where to start…

    [20:10] First of all, the great thing about not having to purchase programming services…

    [20:10] Second, the question tree function will be extremely useful

    [20:11] This is going to be very useful for people learning how to conduct business in this environment

  222. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:11] cool

    [20:11] well, we’re over time

    [20:11] let’s thank lex for a very interesting presentation

  223. Chili Carson

    [20:11] Thanks Lex!

  224. Grace McDunnough

    [20:11] Thanks Lex!

  225. Peter Newell

    [20:11] Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  226. Lex Lardner

    [20:11] Thank you!

  227. Rainbow Drake

    [20:11] Thankyou Lex.

  228. Rik Riel

    [20:12] glad to finally get the presentation!

  229. Chili Carson

    [20:12] And, Thanks, Poinky for doing such a great job as usual

  230. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:12] and I’m sure he’s available for more questions at some other times

  231. Sitearm Madonna

    [20:12] Thanks you Lex and Poinky

  232. Lex Lardner

    [20:12] This was a very interesting session for me…

  233. Rik Riel

    [20:12] thanks poinky!

  234. Tataku Yugen

    [20:12] Thank you, great presentation

  235. Sitearm Madonna

    [20:12] Yay!

  236. Lex Lardner

    [20:12] Please visit Jnana Center to see the demos…

  237. Gilbert Frederick

    [20:12] yes thank you

  238. Lex Lardner

    [20:12] and please IM me if you would like to talk further about any of this…

    [20:13] Oh, and anyone who would like to start using the Jnana tools, please let me know!



  1. Rik Riel said,

    September 27, 2006 at 4:00 am

    Thanks, Signpostmarvin! Here’s my take on Lex’s presentatation: http://www.rikomatic.com/blog/2006/09/jnana_helps_dum.html

  2. Torley said,

    October 4, 2006 at 6:29 am

    Hehe I wonder how those shoes would look on my feet.

    Marv, thanx also for updating the Wikipedia entry on Second Life. I know you’re really assertive about all the fine details! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. SignpostMarv said,

    October 4, 2006 at 6:39 am

    Do Adidas make watermelon shoes ?

    You’re welcome Torley ^_^

    It’d be nice if Linden Lab could look through the Second Life article for stuff that is missing citations that only they can provide (Client differences, references to Teen grid etc etc).

    It’s been discussed on the talk pages about Linden Lab employees editing the articles, so plz plz plz get some LL peeps over there and correct some stuffages ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. October 13, 2006 at 2:28 pm

    […] Signpost Marvin: Lex Lardner on Jnana amd Second Life – “We believe that the Jnana platform can fill an important gap in Second Life โ€” by enabling non-technical content creators to add intelligence and interactivity to objects in SL.“ […]

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