Cosmos Glass : RC Cosmos Non-profit graphic design in Second Life

Note: This chatlog was edited slightly due to some character encoding problems pulling the chat log out of SL.

It’s not a problem with the converter, there’s just some characters that got mangled on the way in and out of SL.

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:03] ok, cosmos, go!

  2. Chili Carson

    [18:03] OK, with me Poinky

  3. Cosmos Glass

    [18:03] ok so ya, I am from R.C Cosmos


    [18:04] So first off "what the is R.C Cosmos"

    [18:04] It is a non-profit who provides free graphic design and other free multi-media content.

    [18:04] When I say that we provide free content this doesn’t mean that the we make no money or that we scam the hell out of people, to get a profit.

    [18:05] ok, What we do to make money or are developing right now is by donation areas, ads, sponsors, shawg, memberships, partnering with some other company that we give sales to, making a service to our products or a product to our services…

    [18:05] Moving on.

    [18:05] Today, I just got this email form a Vantage Studios Inc. they said:

  4. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:06] shawg?

  5. Cosmos Glass

    [18:06] "How can you offer free design."

    [18:06] "I am sure it may be because you have no formal education in the field and you do not understand the proper process of developing a logo."

    [18:06] "The problem with your "free" service is that is causes people who do not know how to buy design services to think that if you can do it for free it should never cost $2000 for a logo."

    [18:06] end qoute

    [18:07] shwag means just stuff

    [18:07] A common question that people may have is that, when I say free, is it free as in free beer, or free as in free speech?

    [18:08] A common question that people may have is that, when I say free, is it free as in free beer, or free as in free speech?

    [18:08] A common question that people may have is that, when I say free, is it free as in free beer, or free as in free speech?

    [18:08] No, What I am speaking of is: Free As In Free

    [18:08] Art.

    [18:08] sorry keyboard got messed up

  6. KosmiK Guru

    [18:08] open source

  7. Cosmos Glass

    [18:08] almost

    [18:09] so thats a simple answer.

    [18:09] But what are we doing in secondlife?

  8. KosmiK Guru

    [18:09] thats fine

  9. Cosmos Glass

    [18:09] R.C Cosmos is trying to make an almost prefect synergy between its RL operation and its SL.

    [18:09] Right now if you go to our place on Kula, you can send a request for a free graphic, you can see our past designs, watch our demo reel, have a 1 to 1 conversation about what graphic design items you need done, and you can go to the R.C Cosmos website.

    [18:10] We can now also work with clients by showing and discussing graphic design in real-time, in-world.

    [18:10] but In short, R.C Cosmos uses SL as an extension of our web page.

    [18:11] It is possible that sometime in the future SL will be dead and their will be a new system that overtakes it. And all investments in SL will be meaningless.

    [18:11] But with how SL keeps expanding with vastly more users everyday, and as new synergies with emerging technologies are incorporated into SL, the scope of possibilities for doing business in these virtual worlds are increasing.

    [18:11] So if you thinking about moving a RL operation in SL do it now. Also when starting-up here look around for the best deals it does not cost that mach to be in SL if you find out how to shop and get some easy connections around .

    [18:11] (e.g land deals, renters, designers…)

    [18:12] yup, Next slide.

    [18:12] Our cosmos is not limited to just graphic design, we do lots of other things as well. Films, Free Art Society, and more.

    [18:12] With the Free Art Society we are going to have a Free Art Fest on October 1st, which is going to be a celebration of RL and SL free content (i.e Creative Commons work).

    [18:12] If anyone here has artwork that can be displayed at the fest please shoot me an IM or email.

    [18:13] So, on my ending note.

    [18:13] One way of doing business is to follow the lines of the past and make your products or services accessible to those who can/will pay.

  10. KosmiK Guru

    [18:13] how quickly are RL video blogging / sharing sites catchign up to SL – for e.g. YouTube, Google Video etc?

  11. Cosmos Glass

    [18:14] Another way of doing business is to make your products or services available for everyone by being free.

    [18:14] Some people have this notion that a company that provides free services makes junk or that they are a pop-up ad.

    [18:14] Our goal is to change this.

    [18:15] ok so Anyone have anything to say? lol

  12. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:15] so, how *do* you make money?

  13. Cosmos Glass

    [18:15] myself or the company?

  14. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:15] both, I guess 🙂

  15. Cosmos Glass

    [18:16] by donation areas, ads, sponsors, shawg, memberships, partnering with some other company that we give sales to, making a service to our products or a product to our services…

  16. Polypus Watts

    [18:16] so u sell ur services, i.e. making a logo right

  17. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:16] can you provide some more detail what you can offer to soemone in SL? logos? more?

  18. Polypus Watts

    [18:17] but how do u have the kind of reuse that you can have in free software with a logo?

  19. Cosmos Glass

    [18:17] watts: anyone can get one logo for free every 31 days

  20. KosmiK Guru

    [18:17] cud u show some sample logos?

  21. Cosmos Glass

    [18:18] ok

  22. Signore Iredell

    [18:18] you may write something as BlogHUD, give it for free, and sell BlogHUD-ready-to-use web blogs hosting.

  23. Cosmos Glass

    [18:19] for people in SL they can go to our place on kula 3 and request a logo

    [18:19] like SL start-ups who need a logo

  24. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:20] that logo looks like it may have copyright issues?

  25. Polypus Watts

    [18:20] yeah pi’s been around for a while 🙂

  26. Cosmos Glass

    [18:20] lol, yes it may

  27. KosmiK Guru

    [18:21] do u copyright the logos in RL?

  28. Cosmos Glass

    [18:21] it is up to the people i give the logo to

    [18:22] but for my free art society that logo is under the cc

  29. Polypus Watts

    [18:22] so do u also charge for design work?

  30. Cosmos Glass

    [18:23] if there is a company that has lots of design needs they can get a membership

    [18:24] which gives them some more benifites

  31. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:24] do you have an explicit mission? what is your ultimate goal?

  32. Cosmos Glass

    [18:24] make free content

  33. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:25] Tell us more about the event on Oct. 1

  34. Cosmos Glass

    [18:26] okay, it is called the free art fest, going to have lots of CC artwork, people taking, and live music

  35. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:27] Do you plan to be keeping a gallery of the art we contribute?

  36. Cosmos Glass

    [18:28] only going to be up for the day

  37. KosmiK Guru

    [18:28] can be bring stuff to the venue or should we send it to you ahead of time?

  38. Cosmos Glass

    [18:28] ahead of time

  39. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:28] are you looking at other worlds like there, or imvu, that also have content creation capabillities?

  40. Signore Iredell

    [18:29] i’m part of a music bands and netlabels network. we all make free music. how could we stream our music to the venue, or share it otherwise with your public?

  41. Cosmos Glass

    [18:29] you can email it to:

    [18:29] Signore: i will IM you

    [18:30] Poinky Malaprop: at this point we are only looking at sl but if something eles comes up we will be on that

  42. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:31] do you promote SL to your RL customers?

  43. Cosmos Glass

    [18:32] for people that get memberships we ask them about if they are in SL

  44. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:33] any more questions? any final comments cosmos?

  45. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:34] I think you have a nice idea in the making, look forward to seeing its evolutions

  46. Cosmos Glass

    [18:34] there is a group called R.C Cosmos/Free art society join it to get updates about the free art fest

  47. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:34] don’t forget the free t-shirts!

  48. Cosmos Glass

    [18:34] ya

  49. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:34] ok, thanks cosmos let’s have a round of applause emotes

  50. Magnus Lineker

    [18:35] woo hooo!!!

  51. Second Life

    [18:35] Katherine Watson claps

  52. Magnus Lineker

    [18:35] thanks, Cosmos!!!!

  53. Polypus Watts

    [18:35] thanks cos

  54. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:35] free t-shirts are on the table on my left

  55. Gilbert Frederick

    [18:35] tx for the presentation

  56. Chili Carson

    [18:35] Thanks, Cosmos!

  57. Poinky Malaprop

    [18:35] the oct 1st event definitely looks interesting

  58. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:35] Thanks very much Cosmos!

    [18:35] Where is the display on Oct. 1 going to be located?

  59. Cosmos Glass

    [18:36] kula 3

  60. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:36] Look forward to it

  61. Polypus Watts

    [18:37] will u have bear cos?

    [18:37] beer*

  62. Cosmos Glass

    [18:37] free beer

  63. Ichiume Okawa

    [18:37] yippee

  64. Polypus Watts

    [18:37] as in beer or as in speach?

  65. C-tech droid

    [18:37] Hello Katherine Watson

  66. Cosmos Glass

    [18:37] speach

  67. Polypus Watts

    [18:38] lol

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