Meeting with Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist from

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Updated Thursday 14th September with comments from Baba Yamamoto.

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:00] ok, let’s get started

    [19:00] for those of you just visiting

    [19:00] this is a meeting of the kuurian expedition

    [19:00] if you’re interested in our group, IM me afterwards, and I can explain more

    [19:00] we have weekly meetings

    [19:01] next week we will have Intellagirl Tully talk about her work in SL

    [19:01] the week after that we’re planning an organzational meeting

    [19:01] to set up an alternate meeting time

    [19:01] that works better for european members

    [19:01] this group is mainly for *us* to share our ideas

    [19:02] so if you want to present, let me know and we’ll schedule you

    [19:02] the first 3 volunteer will get a brand new, first edition Toyota Scion!!

  2. Rik Riel

    [19:02] WOOT!!!!!

  3. Mangst Halleck

    [19:02] me me!

  4. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:02] (or you can just IM Cyrys Huffhines and he’ll get you one too 🙂

  5. Boliver Oddfellow

    [19:02] ok I volenteer

  6. Cyrus Huffhines

    [19:02] np

  7. Boliver Oddfellow

    [19:02] now what did I volenteer for?

  8. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:03] tonight, we have Jeff Barr from, talking about web services.

    [19:03] without further ado: take it away jeff!

  9. Boliver Oddfellow

    [19:03] hey cyrus can I have a car please

  10. Baba Yamamoto


  11. Cyrus Huffhines

    [19:03] sorry there

  12. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:04] woops

  13. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:04] Ok, hello everyone, I am happy to be here.

  14. Ann Enigma

    [19:04] Hello!

  15. Rik Riel

    [19:04] Hey!

  16. Jesse Malthus

    [19:04] hi!

  17. Cyrus Huffhines

    [19:04] yessir

  18. Rez Menoptra

    [19:04] Glad you could come and talk

  19. Lex Lardner

    [19:04] Hey Jeff…

  20. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:04] The first time I saw an event in Second Life I realized that I could do my job from within, and I was hooked.

  21. Irelyn Christensen

    [19:04] heya Freedom 🙂

  22. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:04] So, I am Jeff Barr. My title is Web Services Evangelist, and my job is to travel the world to talk to software developers.

  23. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:05] can I have that job ;0

  24. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:05] I love to show developers what we are doing with web services at Amazon, and to see what they build with them.

    [19:05] There’s my email on the first slide, or you can IM me in-world.

  25. Cyrus Huffhines

    [19:05] you get a car, you get a car, you get a car!

  26. Jesse Malthus

    [19:05] heh

  27. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:05] A few notes. Feel free to blog, take pictures, and so forth. I’ll be online for as long as possible tonight for further discussion.

    [19:06] And feel free to use our services to build something cool and by all means let me know about it.

    [19:06] Here’s who I am. I’ve been building software for a living since I was a teenager.

    [19:06] Now I am the parent of 3 teenagers, so I am a lot older than that.

    [19:07] Worked at some startups, and worked on Visual Studio at Microsoft.

    [19:07] Just celebrated 4 years at Amazon with the web services team.

  28. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:07] BTW, we’ll make the transcript of this talk available to the world. so say nice things only..

  29. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:07] Been coming to SL regularly since the spring. Had tried it last year but didn’t quite "get it."

  30. Jesse Malthus

    [19:07] be careful of the ToS!

  31. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:08] Now I get it. In fact when I travel I meet with my wife in-world and we go shopping and dancing.

    [19:08] Lots of fun.

    [19:08] A few brief words about Amazon. We are best known as an online retailer. We have 59 million active customers, people who have bought something from us in the last year.

    [19:08] Web sites in 7 countries.

    [19:09] We are also a huge technology consumer, with all those sites.

    [19:09] A huge data warehouse, 25 terabytes of business data.

    [19:09] And great logistics, being about to ship stuff to you from over 10 million square feet of fulfillment centerspace.

    [19:09] But the most interesting part is that we are a technology provider.

    [19:10] Hundreds of thousands of associates link tousand earn commisisions by selling our products.

    [19:10] 1.08 million sellers list and sell their third-party goods on our site.

    [19:10] And over 180,000 software developers have registered for our web services program.

    [19:11] That’s the number I am measured on, so my job is to get developers to register andto build cool stuff. I will show you some of the cool stuff that’s already happening in SL tonight.

    [19:11] I should give you a brief intro to what web services are all about.

    [19:11] By putting all of these attributes together we create a programmable web site.

    [19:11] We support all of the right industry buzzwords, as you can see.

    [19:12] We put APIs — application programming interfaces — around our technology and give developers remote access to our data and functionality

    [19:12] We decouple data from presentation, handing out raw data to developers to do with as they please.

    [19:13] Doing all this creates a platform that developers look at and think "Hmmmm, I can build something cool and innovative with that!"

    [19:13] We give them the means to be creative, very much the same way that SL does. That’s one thing that really attracts me to SL. Both of the platforms draw the right kinds of people in!

    [19:13] It also gives us a great way to leverage our investment in technology by letting more people use it.

    [19:14] And raw, unadulterated access to data is certainly a fundamental part of the "web 2.0" buzzword that you probably hear 20 times per day 🙂

    [19:14] Over 4 years ago, seeing an opportunity, we started to open up our technology platform. We called the product "AWS", or "Amazon Web Services."

    [19:15] As you can see we have 4 different categories of services, E-Commerce, Infrastructure, Web, andWorkforce / Workflow.

    [19:15] Here is our product family. We are rolling out services so quickly that I end up redrawing this slide before each speaking tour.

    [19:16] In the infrastructure side, we have the Simple Storage Service, to let people store gobs of data on our servers.

    [19:16] The Simple Queue Service creates a first-in, first-out data structure for cross-web, cross-application communication.

    [19:17] And our newest infrastructure service, EC2 or the Elastic Compute Cloud, lets developers rent time on our servers to run their own apps.

    [19:17] Make sense so far?

  32. Rez Menoptra

    [19:17] yes

  33. Jesse Malthus

    [19:17] yep

  34. Mangst Halleck

    [19:17] /nods

  35. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:17] (I usually talk way too fast when I present, and I seem to type the same way 🙂

  36. [19:17] o Money nods

  37. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:17] Great.

  38. Jesse Malthus

    [19:18] yey history panel!

  39. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:18] Ok, on the E-Commerce side, we have ECS, the E-Commerce Service. This is direct access to our product catalog, millions of products, that you can use to build your own specialized store front.

    [19:18] I will show you some examples in a little bit.

  40. [19:19] lti Gadget v1.48.4 by Timeless Prototype

  41. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:19] The Historical Pricing Service is for people selling goods in our catalog. It lets them get prices and sales volume (sales rank) from times past, quarter by quarter and product by product.

    [19:20] On the Web side, we have 4 services from our Alexa subsidiary.

    [19:20] AWIS, give you access to 300 Terabytes of web crawl data. You can do searches, explore connectivity, and get traffic and speed rankings.

    [19:20] The Top Sites lets you get popularity data, per country or globally.

    [19:21] The Thumbnail service hands out 3 sizes of site thumbnails.

  42. [19:21] lti Gadget v1.48.4 by Timeless Prototype

  43. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:22] And finally,the Web Search Platform lets you build your own apps,then upload them to the Alexa cloud and run them on 1, 10, 100 processors. The apps can pull data from that 300 Terabyte archive that I just mentioned.

    [19:22] Finally, the Mechanical Turk is in a class by itself. It lets programs ask questions of people, on a large-scale basis.

    [19:23] We call it "Artificial Artificial intelligence", or an API to humna processing power!

    [19:23] (I meant human 🙂

    [19:24] Here’s a bit more info about the E-Commerce service. It is our most mature service, in its 4th major release, with minor updates regularly.

    [19:24] Millions of products, and a very rich data schema, about 100 data elements for each item in the catalog.

  44. Rik Riel

    [19:24] !!!

  45. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:24] You can create a shopping cart "in the background", and make web service calls to put data into the catalog, then pop up the browser only for checkout.

    [19:25] There’s also access to per-user stuff like public wishlists.

  46. Lex Lardner

    [19:25] to put data into the cart, not the catalog….

  47. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:25] And entrepreneurs can make money by joining the Amazon Associates program. They get a variablecommission (4 to 8.5%, I believe) on sales.

    [19:26] As Lex said, the cart calls put data into the cart, not into the catalog (Doh!)

  48. Lex Lardner

    [19:26] 🙂

  49. Jesse Malthus

    [19:26] 😀

  50. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:27] Amazon S3 is the Simple Storage Service. We wanted to build a service that all developers would find useful, a reliable place to store data.

    [19:27] The Simple part refers to the API and how it is used, inside it is quite complex. You put data into S3 and it is replicated to multiple Amazon data centers around the world. Once you store it, it is there for good.

    [19:27] We also meter and bill for storage usage, through your Amazon account.

    [19:28] You pay 20 cents per Gigabyte to upload or download data, and then 15 cents per Gigabyte/month to store it.

    [19:28] I have almost 3 GB of stuff in my account, and I just got a bill for 69 cents!

  51. Jesse Malthus

    [19:28] heh

  52. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:29] Each object can be marked private or public, and each object has a URL.

    [19:29] Very scalable, objects can be 1 byte to 5 GB in size.

    [19:29] We are storing over 600,000,000 objects already!

    [19:30] We have some great users like Smugmug (professional photo sharing), Ookles, Elephantdrive, Jungledisk, and many more cool things under development.

    [19:30] Of course we store our own data in there too. A great example of our taking something that we built inside and opening up to developers. Win-win for us and for them.

    [19:31] EC2 is our newest service, just entered beta testing 2 weeks ago (of course i was on vacation when it happened and ended up blogging about it from the beach in Mexico).

  53. Jesse Malthus

    [19:31] EC2 is cool beans.

  54. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:31] Just like S3 makes storage cheap, scalable, and pay-as-you-go, EC2 does the same for computing (as Jesse already knows ;-).

    [19:32] It is a complete virtual computing environment using a technology called Xen.

  55. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:32] can you run a SL Sim on EC2..?

  56. Jesse Malthus

    [19:32] hehehe, we wish

  57. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:32] Developers build "disk images" with all needed software (from the OS on up) and store it in S3.

    [19:32] Poinky, LL could definitely do that if they wanted to.

    [19:33] Each virtual computer has pretty impressive specs, as you can see.

    [19:33] So developers create these images (perhaps an app server, db server, and web server) and then start up as many instances as they need.

    [19:33] As load increases they simply "turn the knob" and spawn more.

    [19:34] When the load goes away turn the knob down.

  58. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:34] not powerful enough for a sim ;0

  59. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:34] So instead of planning for and buying enough hardware for maximum anticipated load, you simply build a scalable app and adjust for real conditions.

    [19:35] We then charge based on number of hours of instances used, and then data transfer.

  60. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:35] perfect for libSL bots though

  61. Jesse Malthus

    [19:35] question: how are apps EC2-aware? as in once you "turn up the knob" preformance increases? is it load balancing

  62. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:35] A good example of how this would work would be a phone company that needs to do a big "billing run" once a month for a couple of days.

  63. Jesse Malthus

    [19:35] ?

  64. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:35] Jesse, good question. We don’t do any special load balancing yet, but people are building that into images.

    [19:36] There are lots of Linux technologies to do that.

  65. Jesse Malthus

    [19:36] run a bunch of dedicated mongrel instances and mod_proxy on a capstone

  66. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:36] Someone could build a monitoring app to watch loads and to then spawn more instances as needed.

    [19:36] Yes, what Jesses mentions would work.

  67. [19:37] rus Huffhines is offline

  68. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:37] Any EC2 questions..

  69. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:37] can you schedule up-times automatically?

  70. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:37] if I could get a few hundred thousand accounts I could log them all into SL ;0 JOY

  71. Jesse Malthus

    [19:37] also, how does the "1.7 Ghz Xeon" get gaurenteed?

  72. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:38] Poinky, there are web services to start and stop instances, so a scheduler app could run from outside.

  73. [19:38] rus Huffhines is online

  74. Jesse Malthus

    [19:38] and not "it depends on how that server is loaded today"?

  75. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:38] Jesse, the Xen technology does that, and we monitor it to make sure that that’s what we deliver.

    [19:38] Baba, good idea!

  76. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:38] would Amazon be liable for DOS ?

  77. Jesse Malthus

    [19:39] what would you do with 10k libsl bots?

  78. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:39] Baba, sinceu we know who’s running the instances, we could easily track it back.

  79. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:39] grief?

  80. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:39] We are talking to people who want to use it for load testing.

  81. Jesse Malthus

    [19:39] heh.

  82. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:39] Or for exploring the space of config values for, e.g. MySQL.

  83. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:39] heh

    [19:40] no really this so so fricken cool ;0

  84. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:40] Great questions, I love the audience interaction at all of my talks.

    [19:40] This is as cool as I thought it would be, by the way.

  85. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:40] I need to get an account for the libSL team ;0

  86. Jesse Malthus

    [19:40] You do!

  87. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:40] we do

  88. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:40] Panthar, keep your eyes on the AWS blog ( We have a waiting list and will be opening up more slots based on that.

  89. Meta Demain

    [19:41] Will your services support audio, could a developer create their own Amazon version of iTunes for music sales?

  90. Jesse Malthus

    [19:41] jhurliman would ❤ you

  91. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:41] can you … you know ;0 jump us to the top

  92. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:41] Feel free to send me email with your ideas for how you would use EC2.

    [19:41] Baba….

  93. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:41] Muahahaha I will

  94. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:41] Meta, you could definitely stream data, and adjust number of instances based on load.

    [19:42] We are working with some folks that are building an open source clone of Youtube, and they will use EC2 to do encoding.

  95. Meta Demain

    [19:42] great thanks

  96. Jesse Malthus

    [19:42] that’s a cool idea!

  97. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:42] Ok, so what is Amazon doing in Second Life?

  98. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:42] i am loath to give 30 developers access to mono on our single dedicated webserver ;0

  99. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:43] As soon as I saw this place I realized that I could do my evangelism in here. My "virtual reality", if you will, is to travel to some city, walk into a room full of chairs, step up to a podium, give a presentation, and answer questions.

    [19:43] Exactly like this!

  100. Jesse Malthus

    [19:44] hehe!

  101. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:44] So I built a little "outpost" to learn more about SL, scripting, and so forth. It was (and still is) an unofficial project, but lots of people at Amazon are aware of it. It is gettinga lot of attention.

    [19:44] I will show you some pictures soon.

    [19:44] I have about zero artistic talent, so if I can build something anyone can.

    [19:45] I see a huge future with SL for communicating and educating, and that’s pretty much what I do.

    [19:45] Here’s my humble build, limited by 110 prims on an el cheapo piece of land

    [19:45] Seats, some application screen shots, andsome book covers.

    [19:46] Guess you could say this is our "brick and mortar" presence…

  102. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:46] privately funded, or does amazon give you a budget?

  103. Meta Demain

    [19:46] Where is it located in SL?

  104. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:46] So far I paid for this myself, but since I built everything it was cheap

    [19:46] It is in Athabasca, I can send you a SLURL later.

  105. Meta Demain

    [19:47] Thanks

  106. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:47] We may go on a tour after the meeting

  107. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:47] I love how Amazon cover art looks.Each of these is scripted.

    [19:47] And i have screen shots of apps. People walk by and this catches their eye.

    [19:48] On the roof i did a static display. I plan to experiment with different ways to present data.

    [19:48] Of course, my job is to get other developers to build cool stuff and I am blown away by what I have seen so far.

  108. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:49] screw shopping ;0 lets get back to computing

  109. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:49] When I first started telling my co-workers about SL they rolled their eyes and thought I was a bit crazy. But I started to show them screen shots and now they are taking me seriously.

    [19:49] Here are three things that I know about so far.

  110. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:49] the hud is great ;0

  111. moo Money

    [19:49] =O

    [19:49] Hal9k!

  112. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:49] Second411 has a mode that will let it search the Amazon catalog using ECS, very slick.

    [19:50] Yes HUDs are great but no one tells you how to use them.

    [19:50] I think I searched for Seattle in that one.

    [19:50] Life2Life is a dynamic shopping experience.

  113. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:51] hum it would be nice to get album previews to stream automagicly

  114. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:51] I’ve had multiple meetings (in SL ) with the developers and I still don’t know their real names!

  115. Jesse Malthus

    [19:51] heh, yey anonimity

  116. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:51] This is an installation of their store on Info Island.

  117. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:51] they’re wanted by the law

  118. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:52] You initiate a search by speaking on channel 1. Of course here I searched for Snow Crash with "/1 snow crash".

    [19:52] The top search result is shown.

    [19:52] Baba, regarding previews via audio we don’t expose that data yet, but I am begging some people to let it out.

    [19:52] A few people have figured out some unofficial ways to do it.

  119. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:53] meh

  120. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:53] Would also be cool to get the "look inside the book" pages.

  121. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:53] is it mp3 ?

  122. Jesse Malthus

    [19:53] Icecast and Ices, and 16m2 divisions

  123. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:53] that was my next thought

  124. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:53] If you have ideas for stuff you need, let me know later.

    [19:53] Baba, I think so, but not sure.

    [19:53] Ok, and the third example is from Jnana.

  125. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:53] some stupid sites use real… i hate them

  126. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:54] The author of this technology is in the audience, by the way.

  127. Lex Lardner

    [19:54] *smiles*

  128. Jesse Malthus

    [19:54] Amazon uses real and WM for their previews. it sucks for us linux users.

  129. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:54] yes

  130. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:54] So, the background of jnana is that they have a tool to let lawyers build expert systems using a very straightforward GUI.

  131. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:54] fix it Jeff! we believe in you

  132. moo Money

    [19:54] lol

  133. [19:54] gnpostMarv Martin is offline

  134. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:55] They have extended this to let developers build SL shopping experiences that are very, very different than the usual searching.

  135. Jesse Malthus

    [19:55] lawyers, and expert, in the same sentence?

  136. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:55] Instead you go into a store and it interviews you to help you choose the best product for your needs.

    [19:55] Here I am, choosing a Wok!

    [19:55] By sitting in a kitchen.

  137. Meta Demain

    [19:56] A Sales bot?

  138. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:56] More like a sales expert.

  139. Poinky Malaprop

    [19:56] We’re trying to setup a time with Lex to come talk to us about Jnana at a future meeting.. stay tuned.

  140. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:56] And here is a library that will use the same technology.

  141. Meta Demain

    [19:56] k

  142. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:56] Movies…

    [19:56] And cell phones.

  143. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:56] i want the one Eric Rice has

  144. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:57] It should be good for those "parametric purchases" where there are lots of variables.

  145. Lex Lardner

    [19:57] guided shopping in second life, assisted by expert systems….

  146. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:57] Ok, we will switch to Q*A mode soon.

    [19:57] So here’s what we offer to developers.

  147. Jesse Malthus

    [19:57] Erk, I have to go. Goodnight everyone

  148. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:57] Almost all of our services are accessible via both SOAP and REST APIs, two different and competing technologies.

    [19:58] We have lots of docs, and we do a lot to communicate with our developers — newsletter, very active discussion board, blog, and so forth.

  149. Baba Yamamoto

    [19:58] REST++

  150. Jeffronius Batra

    [19:59] The EC2 board, just 2 weeks old, already is at about 10,000 page views — that’s a good metric for developer interest.

    [19:59] Getting started is very easy!

    [19:59] But the first URL is the blog, not the signup (oops)!

    [19:59] is where you go to sign up.

  151. Scratch Helios

    [20:00] Do you see Business Process Management, such as BPEL playing a role in complex web services orchestration? Are you experimenting with BPM tools?

  152. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:00] The blog (another thing that I do) has examples of all kinds of cool apps built with our services, news from the industry, and lots more.

    [20:01] Scratch — I think that BPEL is something that can be used to glue our services together. One of my new team-mates has a lot of BPEL experience so we’ll see what he comes up with regarding code samples and so forth.

    [20:01] Ok, lets start doing even more questions..

    [20:01] Hope I can keep up.

    [20:01] Thanks for coming, Defne

  153. Rik Riel

    [20:01] what do you see as any limitations to serious e-commerce happening in virtual worlds like SL?

  154. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:02] what kinds of aplications are NOT allowed to run on EC2?

  155. Xantha Oe

    [20:02] when will EC2 be out of beta and how many beta users do you have?

  156. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:02] Rik, I don’t see any huge obstacles, but I think we have to make sure that people see this as serious stuff. My wife and kids thought that I was playing here for quite a while, but with stuff like this they are taking me more seriously.

  157. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:03] yeah, kids may be an obstacle..

  158. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:03] don’t let them see your xcite collection

  159. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:03] Baba, I would have to read the license to see what can’t be run. I am sure that disruptive / DOS stuff isn’t allowed.

  160. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:03] yea

  161. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:04] Xanthe, no real schedule that I am aware of to get out of beta. As far as number of users, we haven’t started to talk about that yet. A good proxy for this is to look at the developer board to see how many people are talking.

  162. Xantha Oe

    [20:04] ty

  163. Ann Enigma

    [20:04] Do you see any new standardized metaphores emerging for commerce in SL? For instance, the "shopping cart" on the web to represent a user’s items?

  164. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:05] uh oh I see 5 people typing questions!

  165. Scratch Helios

    [20:05] For years the mantra has been that you have to bake security in at the beginning, not have it as an add-on. What is baked-in to AWS to help do that

  166. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:06] Ann, I don’t see a standard yet,and not sure we need one. I think that SL gives creative people a lot of room to experiment with different ways to do things. Like most new technologies, we’ll use it first to redo the old stuff and only after a lot of

  167. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:06] ….

  168. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:06] experience will we come up with genuinely new things.

  169. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:06] what kinds of limits on outside communication? webservers on EC2 ok?

  170. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:07] Scratch, regarding security, we do a lot of this up front. Developers need to "sign" their requests so that we know who is making the request. We work with our security team and with outsiders on this.

    [20:07] Baba, you can definitely run webservers on EC2. You can also partition the network so that your webserver instances are visible to the outside world but your app and db servers are not.

  171. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:08] very intersting

    [20:08] I’m pretty much sold ;0

  172. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:08] But you have full reign (and control via web service calls0 to manage your network.

  173. Lex Lardner

    [20:08] To give some idea of the upside for SL stores selling Amazon products, can you give some ballpark idea of current sales of Amazon products by Amazon affiliates from their own (non-Amazon) web sites?

  174. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:09] Lex, I don’t have numbers to give out on sales, I’m the tech guy 🙂 ECS was our first web service and the results we saw from that certainly led to our decision to expand the team and to offer lots more services.

  175. Lex Lardner

    [20:09] :))

  176. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:09] Our annual report might have more info, but I don’t pay attention to the financial side at all.

  177. Lex Lardner

    [20:10] fair enough….

  178. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:10] Looks like Baba is pretty happy….

  179. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:10] well, we’re over time

  180. Baba Yamamoto

    [20:10] ahah

  181. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:10] let’s give a round of applause to jeff for a very ninteresting talk

  182. Lex Lardner

    [20:10] *loud clapping*

  183. [20:10] n Enigma claps

  184. Rik Riel

    [20:10] WOOT!!!!!

  185. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:10] or other appropriate emotes 🙂

  186. Magnus Lineker

    [20:10] wooooo hoooooo

    [20:11] thanks, Jeff….Great stuff!

    [20:11] REally interesting and educational!

  187. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:11] This has been awesome, really enjoyed doing this.

  188. Xantha Oe

    [20:11] thank you

  189. Scratch Helios

    [20:11] nicely done!

  190. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:11] I don’t know if anybody is up for a tour

    [20:11] but if you click on the blue thing on stage

  191. Rik Riel

    [20:11] where to?

  192. Poinky Malaprop

    [20:11] you’ll get a hud

    [20:11] wear it

    [20:11] and click on the blue buttons

    [20:11] and you can teleport to the places jeff mentioned

    [20:12] If you;re interested in future K.E. meetings, IM me or another officer for an invite, and you’l get the announcements

    [20:12] see you all next week! and thanks again jeff!

    [20:12] thanks all for coming

  193. Rik Riel

    [20:12] thanks, jeff!

  194. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:12] My pleasure, this was incredible.

    [20:12] Please feel free to IM or email me.

    [20:13] If you happen to blog this feel free to send me the URL

  195. Meta Demain

    [20:13] Thanks Jeff

  196. Jeffronius Batra

    [20:13] You are welcome, Bino

    [20:13] and MEta

    [20:13] Thanks Panthar



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    Here’s my pics and some comments:

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    Here’s my view, as the presenter:

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