Kuurian Expedition Meeting with Aimme Weber

  1. Grace McDunnough

    [19:14] So Aimee — the floor is yours .. we have no agenda per se — just glad to have a conversation

  2. Aimee Weber

    [19:14] great!

    [19:15] Ok well what i prepared to talk about here

    [19:15] was my progression from a non commercial resident to a commercial entity

    [19:15] And along the way, i wanted to talk about the areas I tried to push the SL platform along

    [19:16] To make it useful in ways that people hadn’t yet really tried

    [19:16] hope that plan sounds ok for the meeting

  3. Grace McDunnough

    [19:16] It is great

  4. Aimee Weber

    [19:16] YAY

    [19:16] ok

  5. Rik Riel

    [19:16] certainly a good start

  6. Aimee Weber

    [19:16] So I would start in the beginning, when I first discovered the potential of Second Life..

    [19:17] a lot of you may know me…if not you can learn more at

    [19:17] but i got my start doing fashion

    [19:17] so chapter 1 was… Aimee as a resident making clothing for herself

    [19:17] lol

    [19:17] Basically most of my fashion was to please myself. I was interested in the NYC club kid look

    [19:17] and that just didn’t exist in Second Life in the early days

    [19:18] so i make all my own stuff.

    [19:18] it wasn’t until after i got repeated requests from people to purchase my items that i realized that my work in SL had value

    [19:18] and so *PREEN* was born

    [19:19] The SL Resident selling to other resident model has some characteristics, whcih i was rather successful at

    [19:19] see, the SL demographic has some marketing characteristics that you may not find in the real world 😀

    [19:20] they could be described as very…

    [19:20] Libertarian

    [19:20] Technically Savvy

    [19:20] Socially Liberal

    [19:20] Politically cynical

    [19:20] maybe cynical in every other way too

    [19:20] lol

    [19:20] so my marketing efforts addressed that

    [19:21] I couldn’t really hit SLers with informercial style marketing

    [19:21] they would eat me alive!

    [19:21] So instead, i aimed to have them join me in the "making fun of marketing" marketing

    [19:21] if that makes any sense

    [19:21] some examples….

    [19:22] start with some photographic fun

    [19:22] for lingerie

    [19:23] I tried to go with campy polaroid style photos

  7. Rik Riel

    [19:23] /lol

  8. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:23] hehe

  9. Aimee Weber

    [19:23] lol

    [19:23] ok

    [19:23] so this is …. pretty damned playful

    [19:23] this advertisement caused quite a stir actually

  10. Magnus Lineker

    [19:23] / that one has got to be in the SL Advertising Hall of Fame…

  11. Aimee Weber

    [19:23] many people loving it and hating it

    [19:24] but the bottom line with this whole ad is…

    [19:24] "Preen doesn’t give you generic PRETTY GIRLS"

    [19:24] "We know you think advertising is stupid and manipulative…. so… lets make fun of it together"

    [19:24] and of course it was a risky move

    [19:24] since i may forever be assiciated with pooping

    [19:24] lol

    [19:25] here is another one

    [19:25] Again…anti establishment

    [19:25] Yes, the clothing is *Preen*

    [19:25] but the subject of the advertisement is the behavior and attitude of my customers

    [19:26] "we don’t care about authority…don’t tell us what to do…we are dangerous and more powerful than you"

    [19:26] SO

    [19:26] hi si

  12. si Money

    [19:26] uhoh

  13. Rik Riel

    [19:26] down in front!

  14. Aimee Weber

    [19:26] For Resident Marketing…

    [19:27] you can see I took a lot of liberties that I wouldn’t normally take when my focus shifts to RL companies

    [19:27] especially since the demographic widens….

    [19:27] outside of SL we may find issues like religion and morality are more important

    [19:27] and of course in corporate american, professionalism

    [19:28] i don’t know how they would feel seeing me on a toilet

    [19:28] lol

    [19:28] so

    [19:28] that brings me to chapter 2

    [19:28] Moving from SL based marketing to RL based marketing

    [19:28] i actually wrote an article that some of you may find useful


    [19:29] This article was intended to answer many questions and east the transition from SL-only to RL based services

    [19:29] some of the culture shock that is typically involved is… well for one thing, people care about deadlines and professionalism

    [19:29] lol

    [19:29] Also just the paperwork can be a culture shock for many SLers

    [19:30] Who have never created a proposal, or written up an invoice, or who do not know what 1099 means

    [19:30] My focus on Real Life marketing shifted to personal credibility

    [19:30] and for me personally this involved the press.

    [19:31] For recent ad efforts, they have fewer toilets…but more quotes from news sources such as The Boston Globe, MIT Marketing Lab, and people in the industry

    [19:32] the transition can be an even bigger shock when you are dealing with, not corporate american, but Government agencies.

    [19:32] some of you may be familiar with my work at the NOAA

    [19:32] Electric Sheep and the Magicians are also involved

    [19:33] Well i was surprised to see that the NOAA was looking to have, even my blog entries aprroved

    [19:33] lol

  15. Rik Riel

    [19:33] WOOT!!!!!

  16. Aimee Weber

    [19:33] the very political nature of government agencies leave very little room for nonsense

  17. Satchmo Prototype

    [19:33] yuk to blog approval

  18. Aimee Weber

    [19:33] and the cost for a PR blunder is very high

    [19:33] hehehe yeah it sucks…

  19. Satchmo Prototype

    [19:34] I know :/

  20. Aimee Weber

    [19:34] but imagine SL politics…. only with billions of dollars at stake….

    [19:34] as well as bombers and missiles and presidentz

    [19:34] lol

    [19:34] So….

    [19:34] for the first part of this talk…

    [19:34] i hope you can see the gradual transition…

    [19:34] from VIRTUAL SL resident…just messing around having fun…

    [19:35] to somebody answering to the will of the US Government

    [19:35] lol

    [19:35] The next part will be "pushing limits of SL"

    [19:35] but any questions before I move on?

    [19:35] about my progression?

  21. Grace McDunnough

    [19:35] Anyone?

  22. Magnus Lineker

    [19:35] yes…you clearly have a lot of artistic talent…

  23. Freedom Rush

    [19:35] i’d love to hear more about the marketing sometime

  24. Aimee Weber

    [19:35] Bueller?

  25. Magnus Lineker

    [19:36] were you engaged in RL artistic endeavors prior to sl?

  26. Aimee Weber

    [19:36] Actually that alone, i could talk about for hours?

    [19:36] Betsy Book did a great analysis of my marketing routine…

    [19:36] if you guys want I can go over it really quickly

  27. Freedom Rush

    [19:36] please do

  28. Aimee Weber

    [19:36] Magnus… before SL i was doing web development and worked with Bryce 3D

  29. Grace McDunnough

    [19:36] Yes please

  30. Aimee Weber

    [19:37] i never actually played video games before SL!

    [19:37] but because of Bryce i felt right at home immediately

    [19:37] OK…

    [19:37] so more about marketing

    [19:37] From the very start I followed a few basic rules about marketing

    [19:37] The first one, and i am thinking the most important consistency

    [19:38] when i starter *PREEN*…

    [19:38] the first think I did was… i picked a color scheme…

    [19:38] i picked some fonts

    [19:38] and to this day i never strayed

    [19:38] *Preen* uses bold arial for the main *PREEN* font, and a font called nosebleed for any descriptive writing

    [19:39] And *Preen* is always neon green…background always black…and neon blue is always around non-written objects

    [19:39] So those are simple rules…

    [19:39] but very effective

    [19:40] for example… in the 2005 Burning Life exhibit…. i created a parody of my own brand

    [19:40] called *STUFF*

    [19:40] there was nothing about *Preen* anywhere to be found

    [19:40] but because i stuck to the color and font theme…. it was instantly recognizable

    [19:41] as a side note, this is actually how many people who are functionally illiterate in society can actually function

    [19:41] they don’t need to be able to read the cereal box they are looking to purchase…

    [19:41] they simply look for the trademark features in the design and they are correct every time

    [19:42] I also have opted for a marketing technique that so far i have only seen anshe chung pull off successfully in SL

    [19:42] that is to market myself…

    [19:42] My current services company is Aimee Weber Studio

    [19:42] there are pros and cons to doing this

    [19:43] on the downside… i risk prospective clients trust…that i am one person… and therefore I am unable to take on large projects

    [19:43] which I largely have to deal with by example and portfolio items

    [19:43] but on the PRO side…

    [19:44] I follow the school of thought of information expert Edward R Tufte

    [19:44] that all my work have MY face all over it

    [19:44] the idea being…. the buck stops here

    [19:44] you aren’t deaing with a corporation that can give you a runaround…

    [19:44] You are dealing with a person who will answer for every detail of your projects

    [19:45] we shall see how well that works out for me

    [19:45] lol

    [19:45] So i could repeat myself for the Aimee Weber Studios stuff…

    [19:45] White Background…

    [19:45] Blue logo text in a font called "Girls are weird"

    [19:45] etc etc

    [19:46] evenutally it will be recognizable on sight…even if the text says something completely different

    [19:46] any questions ?

  31. Freedom Rush

    [19:46] i do

  32. Rik Riel

    [19:46] your talk raises a question I have about IP protections in SL

  33. Aimee Weber

    [19:46] cool

    [19:46] hit me

  34. Rik Riel

    [19:46] how do designers keep others from stealing their work?

  35. Grace McDunnough

    [19:46] Freedom … then Rik

  36. Rik Riel

    [19:46] sorry?

  37. Grace McDunnough

    [19:46] Haha sok

  38. Freedom Rush

    [19:46] if i understand you…branding – original style…also personal identification

  39. Aimee Weber

    [19:46] They don’t

    [19:46] 😀

    [19:47] They can complain. sometimes Linden Lab will step in, sometimes they don’t

    [19:47] Unless you have a registered Trademark, there is little Linden Lab will do

  40. Defne Demar

    [19:47] Actually the CEO said that they were going tobe even more hand off

    [19:47] hands off

  41. Aimee Weber

    [19:47] yeah exactly

    [19:47] My personal policy is, that I am going to provide a SERVICE… to companies who want to have something built…

    [19:48] while i will do whatever i can to prevent theft… i am pretty much assuming it will happen

    [19:48] if you make something really great…you need to assume it will evenutally become public domain

  42. Defne Demar

    [19:48] LInen lab siad that they will be hands off, butthey will provide us with more usefule tools

  43. Aimee Weber

    [19:48] the benefit is to be the authorized seller of the product…and of course the first

  44. Defne Demar

    [19:48] to prevent theft

  45. [19:49] gnpostMarv Martin has a question

  46. Aimee Weber

    [19:49] i hope so. encryption would help a lot

  47. Defne Demar

    [19:49] I am keptical

  48. Aimee Weber

    [19:49] sure! signpost

  49. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:49] what is your opinion on the theortical use of DRM techs to prevent content theft ?

  50. [19:49] lamari Ricardo raises hand too

  51. Aimee Weber

    [19:50] Well… I am skeptical 😀

  52. Defne Demar

    [19:50] as you shou.ld

  53. Aimee Weber

    [19:50] especially in SL

    [19:50] i think for the most part in SL… the rule is this

    [19:50] "if you can see it, you can copy it"

  54. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:50] People who don’t steal will be harmed by DRM and those that do will find their way around it ?

  55. [19:51] tchmo Prototype raises hand

  56. Aimee Weber

    [19:51] maybe. I would have to look more into DRM to see the downside to non thefts

    [19:51] calamari?

  57. Calamari Ricardo

    [19:51] Question about the wings. Sorry if you already discussed this. They are certainly part of your brand to me. When did you pick them up? Any significance to them? And do you know what species they are?

  58. Aimee Weber

    [19:51] LOL

    [19:51] Yes

    [19:51] they are the Blue Morpho butterfly!

    [19:51] Interesting tid bit i found out about the wings from my science friend Paul Doherty

    [19:51] Blue morpho wings do not have blue pigment

    [19:52] instead they are blue because of a physical property of light called irredencence

    [19:52] basically the wings are made up of tiny ridged cells…

    [19:52] the side of the cells are exactly the size of blue light waves

    [19:52] wavelenght i mean

    [19:53] so the origin and meaning…

    [19:53] they were given to me by somebody starting a fairy group the first day i started SL

    [19:53] and i loved them so much i never removed them

    [19:53] lol

    [19:53] they do tricks too

    [19:53] *POINK*

  59. [19:54] lamari Ricardo smiles

  60. Rik Riel

    [19:54] /ck

  61. SignpostMarv Martin

    [19:54] hehe

  62. Grace McDunnough

    [19:54] I am not sure Freedom had a chance to finish asking her question ….

  63. Aimee Weber

    [19:54] it’s funny but they have become a trademark of ming only from familiarity

    [19:54] it was never intended

    [19:54] OH sorry, finish freedom then satchmo is next

  64. Calamari Ricardo

    [19:54] It’s a nice metaphor though. TY

  65. Satchmo Prototype

    [19:54] heh, more of a comment

    [19:55] that I don’t think any bit of technology will stop theft and that we need to come up with a social solution….

  66. Aimee Weber

    [19:55] yeah i agree

  67. Satchmo Prototype

    [19:55] encryption and DRM only help for the least common denominator…

    [19:55] if your Video Card is rendering it, you can capture it

    [19:55] much like I can use an audio recorder to record DRM’d audio

  68. Aimee Weber

    [19:55] in the end it will come from enforcement. but that has some scary implications too

  69. Satchmo Prototype

    [19:55] <end comment>

  70. Aimee Weber

    [19:56] freedom?

    [19:56] i sound like brave heart

  71. Grace McDunnough

    [19:56] LOL

  72. Aimee Weber

    [19:56] FREEEEDOM!!!

    [19:56] 😀

    [19:56] Ok.

    [19:56] how much time to i have?

  73. Grace McDunnough

    [19:56] 4-5 mins

  74. Aimee Weber

    [19:56] OH

    [19:56] ok will i think i will skip part two

    [19:56] or just rush through it

    [19:56] lol

    [19:57] I was considering a tour but not super necessary

    [19:57] The short version of what i was going to say…

  75. Grace McDunnough

    [19:57] That would be great for those that can stay 😉

  76. Aimee Weber

    [19:57] to push the limits of SL is a tough thing to do

    [19:57] so i take a very psychological approach

    [19:57] My builds attempt to let the visitor use their imaginations to help tell the story my builds are trying to tell

    [19:58] example…

    [19:58] many SLers build very wild and fantastic things…

    [19:58] many buildings are space age

    [19:58] the problem with that… at least to my model… is that you fail to give your visitors a context they understand

    [19:58] instead… i try to throw very familiar things at my viewers…

    [19:59] so when i finally get to something UNreal…. they experience it in a move vivid way

    [19:59] an example…

    [19:59] In second Life… we can fly

    [19:59] but if Second Life was a void filled with blue sky… the thrill of flight may be lost on them

    [20:00] so the way you can bring the joy into their experience…would be to give them a regular modern day rooftop and trees

    [20:00] overwhich they can fly

    [20:00] giving them a common contextual anchor is important so that when you introduce something fantastic… it has more meaning.

    [20:00] Same with my NOAA build….

    [20:00] I tried very hard to present my visitors with a very common, every day beach side houseing experience

    [20:01] something everybody can remember from SOME trip to the beach

    [20:01] and then i demolish it with a tsnuami

    [20:01] lol

    [20:01] if the homes were sci fi, i fear the experience would not have been as real to them

    [20:01] And I think the time is up

    [20:01] any questions?

  77. Grace McDunnough

    [20:02] This was great Aimee

  78. Aimee Weber

    [20:02] YAY ME!

  79. Grace McDunnough

    [20:02] Thanks so much for your time

  80. Chili Carson

    [20:02] Excellent!

  81. Aimee Weber

    [20:02] it was fun!!

  82. Rik Riel

    [20:02] muchisimas gracias

  83. Magnus Lineker

    [20:02] Very interesting and informative…thanks!


  1. rikomatic said,

    August 30, 2006 at 4:34 am

    Wow, that was fast! Here’s my pics from the meeting. Sorry about the crappy resolution: http://www.rikomatic.com/photos/aimee_weber/index.html

  2. SignpostMarv said,

    August 30, 2006 at 4:56 am

    Believe in the power of PHP script-fu 🙂

    Modifications by Aimee should be coming later.

  3. Veco Faust said,

    August 30, 2006 at 8:29 am

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the meeting due to time zone restraints, but thanks for posting the chat log here. It helped me to understand better some SL issues.


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