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The following is a Director’s Cut of the comment I posted in response to Seronis Zagato’s post on the .

The Director’s Cut

With the communicator:
Start Loop

  1. touch communicator
  2. wait for response
  3. message group for backup if required.
  4. wait for positive response
  5. Log out/go to mainland

End Loop
Result: maximum results, minimum fuss

Without the communicator:
Start Loop

  1. touch communicator
  2. wait for response
  3. IF response list = low | response list = empty:
    Start Loop

    1. fly by island
    2. IF avatars have none-volunteer tag, check profile
    3. respond to calls, check on new residents
  4. GOTO Start

  • message group for backup if required.
  • wait for positive response
  • Log out/go to mainland
  • End Loop

    Result: Maximum fuss, possible endless loop, sleep missed, meetings missed, stress increased, help lowered, requests for help left open for up to half an hour.

    In both instances, expired group chat sessions, off-duty volunteers and volunteers who also work in Live Help can’t respond, and this delays the time it takes for Help Island to recieve optimum attendance.

    However, there are the dispicable, inconsiderate volunteers who leave the island unattended full of people who don’t read or speak english, exacerbating the problem of Second Life not yet being multi-lingual, those that don’t give a shit when a lone volunteer is left alone for several hours on end. There’s also the pathetic individuals who become volunteers to take advantage of new residents by “recruiting” them into their group, encourage them to attend specific events so their group can recieve dwell, mislead and otherwise corrupt new residents by giving them bad advice, or not enough advice.

    A seperate observation:

    • There are Volunteers that do things that they are not told to do by Lindens (wearing the communicator), and those that do things they are told not to do by Lindens (hang about on the greeter hub).
    • Volunteers that wear the Communicator are often distributed all over the island.
    • The lack of crowding at the hub means they’ll either go exploring because there’s nobody at the hub, or they’ll go exploring because there’s a relatively dense population on the mini map.

    Volunteers that do not wear the communicator tend to crowd the greeter hub, littering it with vendors, posing stands and other junk because they haven’t the slightest clue of what is going on.

    Crowding the hub discourages new residents from exploring Help Island, and they usually head straight for the Exit sign, and I’m guessing later fill up the stretched Live Help queue wanting answers to questions that could’ve been learnt directly from Help Island, or as information passed on as a result of dealing with a Volunteer (terraforming, renting land, not needing to live anywhere to enjoy Second Life).

    Working on Help Island is structured around the Communicator network.

    The communicator should be mandatory for working on Help Island, but not necesarily for all Mentors. Note how the communicator itself says “Help Islanders” on the bubble.

    A note to those that would refuse to work on Help Island if the Communicator was mandatory:

    We’ve been doing fine without you being on the comm network. It’ll be easier to work without you on the Island entirely. Thanks 😀

    Additional Footage

    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ideal operation, 10 being accounts being closed as quick as they are created because of the state of Help Island, the current situation is apparently a 4. Due to recent events, my opinion is that it is a 6.

    Residents themselves are notice the problems with a lack of Volunteer coverage, some well intentioned residents giving out just learnt experienced- risking a chinese whispers effect of helpful information being corrupted as it is handed down and re-interperted. On rare occasions we have new residents whose dedication to helping other new residents raises them to admiration amongst Volunteers, only for this help to be cut short by some overzealous volunteer (rumoured only, secondary sources of information etc). On one hand while this ruled out any chance of a mentor joining the ranks of the Volunteers without having ever set foot on the mainland, on the other hand it gave rise to the first time I’ve seen a single resident get a “welcome to the grid” party thrown for them.

    Feature Commentary

    I’m fucking pissed off with the lazy, ignorant, arogant shits who leave Help Island unattended, as well as the rule breaking morons who do come.

    In one circumstance where I found a Mentor on Help Island who promptly disapeared then later acted as if they weren’t there, I later discovered they had broken the Terms of Service by letting someone else onto the Mentor’s account so they could transfer L$500 into their own account. 500 Fucking Lindens!!! That’s less than a fucking Pound !!! >_<

    In another I come across Mentors who are either forgetfully or maliciously leaving out none-free vendors (eg not L$0) risking what little cash they may have at the start of their Second Life being spent on useless, “illegal” or inferior products.

    There’s the ones that break the rules by giving out scripted weapons, push-shields, mature items etc.

    A final note to anyone remaining who’s pissed off with me for building the test track.

    To those who thought the first version was a mess:
    whoops, sorry, my fault totally.
    To those who think the test track is pointless:
    Lindens disagree with you, Volunteers disagree with you, and most importantly, new residents disagree with you.
    To those who were pissed off with my actions resulting in a parcel being created on Help Island without any public discussion:
    whoops, sorry, my fault totally.
    To those who are still pissed off with my actions resulting in a parcel being created on Help Island without any public discussion, despite the obvious benefits:
    Grow the fuck up you whiney little pricks. Oh wait, you’re probably the kind of Volunteer who quits because of a feature of Second Life being used for it’s intended purpose- Intra-group communication (not the actual, totally off topic spam, just the Mentors using the group chat as a resource to help new residents as an alternative to hogging Live Help). Never mind then, you probably won’t be reading this.


    1. Prokofy Neva said,

      June 17, 2006 at 8:19 pm

      Many of the problems you identify with the Mentors’ system seem legitimate, and they are all problems that I’ve been talking about for more than a year, on the SL forums until I was permabanned, and on my blog: people misusing this title in order to enrich themselves either in reputation credit, literal money from business, or enhanced commerce circles for dwell/advertising/economic gain. The scooping up of newbies into clubs/stores/RP groups has all been documented and it’s all a function of the very concept of mentor in the first place — and that’s why it can’t be fixed.

      Your efforts to fix it with this comm device are interesting, laudable, but also problematic in their own right. First, there’s the usual SL problem of “anybody who is a programmer, smart enough, and bossy enough gets to do what they want”. Well…no. You have to go through democratic process and make compelling arguments, too, not just call everybody whinely little snivellers.

      I’ve now come to Help Island on my obvious alts (RealProkofy Replacement) since I had long wanted to see what the fuss was about. I found slackers, chatters, ignorers. Myself and another person (who happened to be a mentor but wasn’t “on duty”) tried to help a newbie in vain, and another newbie who spoke a foreign language that wasn’t a cognate of any of the foreign languages I spoke so I had to give up. In vain, we clicked on that thinger to make the volunteer come. Someone came, looked around, and poofed again, it was hilarious. Thing thing also got randomly clicked and unclicked by every passerby just looking for clickable stuff, so it gave out a lot of false positives.

      My friend and I stood around, trying to roust up a helper, trying to solve the newbies’ various problems, and then gave up and began having a frank discussion about the entire greeting industry and its most obviously feted leader — whereupon suddenly, like a bat out of hell, a helping entity flew up on us, clearly having just been listening to our conversation. They weren’t coming in response to the thinger, because they flew over to us.

      So my question is, since I got only evasive answers from this fellow: is the comm thinger a two-way wrist-watch? Does it enable you to chat-log remotely? In picking up signals from those requesting help, does it also scan all the chat on the island and log it? Youth wants to know : )

      Until they can farm out all this newbie processing to reliable contractors, professional busineses, as well as corrupt volunteer systems, we’ll never see the end of all this.

    2. SignpostMarv said,

      June 17, 2006 at 8:54 pm

      Working Backwards:

      I believe the people over at Second Cast already covered the problems with using Volunteers- with them referencing the problems AOL had with their volunteer system, as well as the system in Second Life

      The communicator does not do remote chat logging. The chat feature only allows communication between wearers,it does not relay near-by chat.

      Not all volunteers use the communicator, not all those that do have it unmuted or remember to put it back on when they come to help island.

      I have repeatedly voiced my concerns over Second Life’s lack of internationalisation. With regards to Help Island, this is something that probably won’t be fixed till after HTML-on-a-prim is introduced. Or at least till llLoadURL() works for the HTML Help interface and they make it work with the language order-of-preference stuff.

      My calling people “whiney little pricks” refers to people who are pissed off with my mistakes, despite my learning from them and the improvement in my behaviour. I respect the democratic process, I just tend to vent frustration on other issues poorly. People who hold grudges on principle without reason are just annoying.

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